Need a Cloud Go-To-Market Guide? Introducing Tackle Premium Support

Tackle’s Premium Support helps high-volume sales organizations drive Cloud go-to-market success at scale

As is the case with almost every executive I have talked to over the years, specific experiences stick out and shape the way I think, the way I lead, and the way I execute. And after many years of Customer Experience/Success leadership, that list is getting longer and longer for me. But, one meeting about 12 years ago has consistently influenced my approach regardless of the industry, company, or product set with which I find myself involved.

It was a pretty common situation for any account team. A large, multinational retailer was in the late stages of our sales cycle and their buying process. Our team had done a great job relaying the value of the solution, eliminated all objections, pushed through most of the procurement process, and had a final meeting with the very accomplished and well-respected CIO. After weeks of preparation and the creation of “the perfect deck” that reiterated the feature set, the roadmap, and the ROI, I was concerned we still hadn’t addressed anything “post-sale,” so we hastily threw a basic slide at the end to call it out and sent it to our champion ahead of the meeting.

As the discussion started, the CIO said very directly, “We wouldn’t be having this meeting if we didn’t think your solution could help us so please don’t walk through this whole sales deck. Please just go to that last slide and tell me how you will make us successful, how we will be supported, and who is responsible at your company for doing so.”

Obviously, in my role, I’ve always believed and seen firsthand that how you support your customers after they buy your software is just as critical to their success as the software itself. But I never realized how much an executive at a customer or prospect could value it until that day. It can be a true differentiator for a software vendor, and as we have learned quickly at Tackle, can help customers through very challenging problems as their businesses evolve.

Adopting a new sales motion and learning how to “speak cloud” is hard, which makes support at Tackle particularly crucial for our customers. And for many, it is clear that standard break/fix help is only part of the solution in this new world. That’s why we are now offering Premium Support from Tackle, a higher level of dedicated support along all points of the customer journey. Premium Support is designed to help high-volume sales organizations realize Cloud go-to-market success at scale.

Delivering our fastest technical support response times with unparalleled expertise, we act as your Cloud go-to-market guide drawing on our experience and thought leadership to resolve issues and proactively provide best practices for your operations and strategy.

Premium Support customers will get a single point of contact that knows your business, service levels that ensure timely support during critical transaction windows, and expert Cloud go-to-market guidance. Our goal is to centralize our customers’ Cloud GTM needs under one experienced partner who can offer not only the technology to simplify the sales process but also the consultative guidance on best practices, seller enablement, and deal desk support. This level of service gives Alliances leaders peace of mind so they can confidently project and achieve their Cloud Marketplace growth goals.

In addition, Tackle’s entire suite of support resources is growing as we strive to be both your technology partner and your go-to-market resource. Tackle’s Marketplace Engineers are here to help answer common questions about the day-to-day use of the Tackle application and our Cloud Partners. And, all Tackle subscriptions now include a variety of enablement resources for on-demand learning about Marketplace and troubleshooting common issues:

  • Marketplace Success Resources operate as your Marketplace guide. From the launch of your first listing to the growth and scale of your operation, we provide guidance and expertise. Our people are there at every step of your Marketplace journey.
  • The Tackle Knowledge Base is full of helpful articles, FAQs, and guides. If it’s after hours, or you just want a quick answer to a question about Tackle, this resource is available to you and your team 24/7.
  • Tackle Academy gives sellers and Marketplace leaders on-demand access to learning content. Customize your learning path with a series of interactive courses that guide you through every stage of your Marketplace journey.
  • Coming Soon! The Tackle Cloud Community brings Marketplace leaders and sellers together to network, share ideas, and learn from each other. Stay tuned for more on this as it launches later this year.

We’re excited to expand our offerings to support our customers in new ways. If you’re interested in learning more about Premium Support packages or about any of Tackle’s support resources, check out this page.