What is Cloud

The clouds have revolutionized the go-to-market playbook for software sellers. A Cloud GTM strategy enables you to partner with the clouds, meet buyer demand, and generate more revenue faster.

How Cloud GTM Works

Coined by Tackle, Cloud GTM leverages Cloud Provider relationships and technology to grow revenue with a go-to-market motion led by data, the Cloud Marketplaces, and co-selling with Cloud Partners. This cross-functional initiative involves alliances, sales, finance, product, marketing, and operations.

Why Cloud GTM? Why Now?

Cloud Marketplace adoption has grown significantly over the last few years as customers demand a frictionless software buying experience. That’s driven more ISVs to invest in the clouds as a key route to market.

Grow Your Revenue Potential

Cloud GTM is more than just a partnership strategy—it’s a new way of doing business that
unlocks new revenue opportunities by:
Leveraging buyers’ committed cloud spend gives you an opportunity to help buyers fund their first purchase or their latest expansion.
Reduce the time spent on legal and procurement and shorten time to close by leveraging existing cloud contracts.
Extend your sales team and grow customer relationships when you co-sell alongside the field reps from the hyperscaler Cloud Providers.
Getting paid by customers who manage many vendors can be unreliable. Whenever you sell through the Marketplaces, you get paid by the Cloud Provider.

What’s a Cloud Go-To-Market Platform?

A Cloud GTM Platform is the centralized system for executing your Cloud go-to-market strategy by connecting key teams, workflows, and insights. A Cloud GTM Platform provides ISVs with cloud buyer intent data, the ability to list and transact through the Cloud Marketplaces, and connects the Cloud Marketplaces and co-sell portals to the ISVs system of record to enable scale.

What are the 5 main parts of Cloud GTM?

  1. Score your pipeline for the best-fit opportunities for Marketplace and to co-sell with the clouds. 
  2. Use co-sell to grow relationships with the Cloud Providers by helping sellers sell side-by-side with Cloud Partners.
  3. Adapt direct sales processes for Marketplace deals to meet buyers where their wallets are and accelerate revenue.
  4. Simplify cloud seller workflows by integrating Salesforce to unlock Cloud GTM at-scale. 
  5. As you grow, invest resources into Cloud GTM and scale operations with multi-cloud reporting and automation.

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