Maximize Your Microsoft Go-to Market

Tackle has helped hundreds of ISVs optimize and scale their Microsoft go-to-market, helping them achieve global recognition with Microsoft and drive double-digit percentages of their revenue and co-sell volume through Microsoft.

Forge a Scalable Revenue Strategy with Microsoft

For Microsoft ISV partners, a Cloud GTM strategy is becoming a mission-critical component of a successful Microsoft relationship. With Tackle’s people, technology, and methodologies, you’ll scale with less overhead, build stronger strategic partnerships with Microsoft, and exceed your revenue goals. And you don’t have to go on this journey alone—our seasoned experts will help you accomplish your goals faster than going it alone.

We Turn Partners Into Top Partners​

Microsoft has declared that we’re in the “year of the Marketplace.” We understand it’s a journey, and we’re here to help you understand where you are and build a plan to move through it. With Tacklee, you can turn your partnership into a meaningful revenue channel. Marketplace as the source of truth for co-sell. You have to build the muscle for transacting through Marketplace, we’re the best/most experienced partner for helping you get there.

What You Get with Tackle

Full Marketplace Transaction Support

Tackle’s Platform supports private offers, co-sell deals, and multiparty private offers (MPO) where you can sell alongside Microsoft’s extensive global partner network. We help ISVs transact at scale whether directly or through the channel with real-time notifications, heightened visibility, and integration with Microsoft’s co-sell and partner portals.

Buyer Intent Data & Insights

As the first company to provide Microsoft buyer intent data to ISVs, Tackle has everything you need to score accounts to identify best-fit opportunities for Microsoft commercial marketplace and co-selling, and we sync your data and sales activities with your Microsoft Partner Center portal so you never miss a beat.

Highly Effective

Marketplace as the source of truth for co-sell. You have to build the muscle for transacting through MP, we’re the best/most experienced partner for helping you get thereMaximize your impact on the Microsoft direct sales team through more efficient co-sell workflows to facilitate increased visibility and collaboration on deals.

Salesforce Integration

There’s no need to leave your system of record to stay on top of Cloud GTM data and activities. Tackle provides your sales, alliances, and operations teams with deal creation and tracking, co-sell workflows and automations, and buyer intent data all inside Salesforce. 

Detailed Reporting

Get visibility into the breadth and impact of your Microsoft partnership with co-sell and Microsoft commercial marketplace insights, performance metrics, and an aggregated dashboard for deals and disbursements.

Experience & Expertise

We bring deep insights from years of first-hand experience buying and selling through Microsoft commercial marketplace. Through our exclusive Maturity Model, we support ISVs in identifying a path to grow their partnership with Microsoft and navigate programs and incentives to make the most of that partnership.

25x ROI

In the first year with Tackle, Datometry experienced 25x ROI through co-selling with Microsoft.


25x ROI

with Tackle in first year


revenue booking and reporting with Tackle’s Reporting & Insights


co-sell program and relationship with Cloud partners

Microsoft commercial marketplace offers a powerful and mutually beneficial community of co-sell partners. It just comes down to being the best partner we can to Microsoft, which enables us to create better and faster customer outcomes. We simply don’t win without Microsoft and Tackle.

Dan Langille, Head of Microsoft Alliance, Datometry

Maximize Revenue with Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Microsoft commercial marketplace is a catalog of solutions from our independent software vendor (ISV) partners. As an ISV member of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, you can create, publish, and manage your commercial marketplace offers in Partner Center. Your solutions are listed together with our Microsoft solutions, connecting you to businesses, organizations, and government agencies around the world.


The commercial marketplace is available in more than 100 countries and regions, and we manage tax payment in many of them.

By purchasing via Microsoft commercial marketplace, customers can add your software to their existing Microsoft purchase agreements and receive a consolidated invoice from Microsoft. That means easier, faster software purchases for customers, and increased sales  and brand recognition for ISVs. Other benefits of Microsoft commercial marketplace include access to new markets, customer segments, and Microsoft Cloud users, the ability to leverage the Microsoft brand and build trust with your customers, reduced cost and time to market, and a simplified procurement process. Tackle can help you take full advantage of Microsoft commercial marketplace, including optimizing listings, co-selling, and buyer intent data.

To begin, join the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and the ISV Success Program. Next, set up your Partner Center profile (including your tax profile). Next, create your listing. If you find it difficult and time-consuming to build a listing and properly manage and scale it, Tackle will assist you with optimizing your listings as well as co-selling for maximum visibility and sales through Microsoft commercial marketplace. 

See the seller guide.

The Microsoft commercial marketplace can be a highly effective channel for scaling your Marketplace strategy and driving revenue. However, it does take some careful planning to get an ISV up and running on the Microsoft commercial marketplace. Tackle can help you get listed and make the most of Marketplace selling.

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