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With powerful Google Cloud Marketplace connections, Tackle helps you get listed, start selling, and make the most of your Google Cloud partnership.

Level Up Your Go-to-Market
with Google

Tackle helps you bring a Cloud GTM strategy with Google to life, and make the most of your Google partnership and its vast ecosystem. Tackle’s end-to-end solution enables streamlined private offer transactions, unlocks valuable buyer intent data, and establishes the foundation for an efficient revenue system.

Go From Zero to Full Speed Faster & Easier

Sourcing resources, a steep technical learning curve, and landing on the strategy that best suits your needs can all be reasons why getting listed on Google Cloud Marketplace can be a challenge. We help hundreds of software companies get listed on Cloud Marketplaces every year, so we can massively reduce the time, energy, and effort required—achieving a predictable and repeatable outcome without the need for advanced engineering. Tackle’s standard cloud onboarding methodology blows the DIY way out of the water, clearing the way for exponential growth.

Buyer Intent Data

Score accounts to identify best-fit opportunities for Google Cloud Marketplace, and use this data to help buyers spend down their cloud commits.

Get Listed Quickly

Tackle makes listing on Google Cloud Marketplace a breeze with our smart onboarding process that simplifies the setup process, API integrations, and listing maintenance.

Full Marketplace Support

Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform supports creating, sending, and booking private offers, and enhances visibility with real-time notifications and tracking of every deal.

Analytics & Reporting

Get visibility into the breadth and impact of your Google partnership with Tackle’s performance metrics and an aggregated dashboard for deals and disbursements.

Unparalleled Experience

Tackle helps you shape your path to success, shares best practices, and helps you get the most out of your Google partnership through our workshops, coaching, and strategic services.

Rapid Launch, New Revenue

With Tackle, Fastly launched on Google Cloud Marketplace in less than a month and began realizing ROI almost immediately.


Rapid Launch

Added a profitable new sales channel in one month

New Revenue

Began realizing ROI almost immediately

Easy Metering

Tackle feature supports consumption-based billing

Private Offers

Builds strong, ongoing relationships with clients

Tackle has helped us operationalize our co-sell and Marketplace motion and take it to the next level. By leveraging Tackle’s Co-Sell Managed Services, we’ve seen a 5x increase in our deal close rate stemming from an 8x expansion in co-sell activity with Google, supported by Tackle.

Boone Quesnel, Head of WW Cloud Alliances, Starburst

Maximize Revenue with Google Cloud Marketplace Today

Purchase Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace so you can get listed, start
selling, and accelerate revenue today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Cloud Marketplace features thousands of software listings across a wide range of categories, including security, business applications, and machine learning. It attracts a wide range of B2B software buyers—from small companies to large enterprises—looking to solve business problems. Independent software vendor (ISV) partners create, publish, and manage Marketplace offers, and the solutions are listed together with Google solutions, connecting ISVs to businesses, organizations, and government agencies around the world.

By purchasing via Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can add your software to their existing Google Cloud purchase agreements and receive a consolidated invoice from Google. That means easier, faster software purchases for customers, and increased sales and brand recognition for ISVs. Other benefits of Google Cloud Marketplace include access to new markets, customer segments, and Google Cloud users, the ability to leverage the Google brand and build trust with your customers, reduced cost and time to market, and a simplified procurement process.

To begin, join the Google Partner Advantage program, the central hub for ISVs looking to sell on Google Cloud Marketplace. Creating a Partner Advantage account should be your first step, as it unlocks access to everything that follows. Next, create your listing. If you find it difficult and time-consuming to build a listing and properly manage and scale it, Tackle will assist you with co-selling as well as optimizing your listings for maximum visibility and sales through Google Cloud Marketplace. Here’s a handy guide to help you navigate the Marketplace.

Google Cloud Marketplace can be a highly effective channel for scaling your Marketplace strategy and driving revenue, and Google continues to invest heavily in the Marketplace. However, it does take some careful planning to get an ISV up and running on Google Cloud Marketplace. Tackle can help you get listed and make the most of Marketplace selling.

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