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As your Cloud GTM motion evolves, Tackle brings invaluable insights and best practices from years of firsthand experience. Tackle’s Strategic Services include engaging workshops, ongoing guidance and coaching, and operational support. Our Advisory, Coaching, and Co-sell Managed Services offerings ensure that you receive expert guidance to drive success at every stage of your journey.


Advisory Workshops are focused on key areas of value that bring stakeholders together for important Cloud GTM topics. We provide valuable content and facilitation to understand, plan, and begin to build proven best practices for success within your organization.

Cloud GTM

With our Cloud GTM Coaching, you get strategic guidance with a dedicated expert. Coaches advise on a variety of topics from leveraging Cloud Partner programs to seller-to-seller co-selling to Marketplace best practices. With a Coach by your side, you’ll be set up for success every step of the way.

Co-Sell Managed Services

We help customers navigate their co-selling journey with the clouds. We optimize participation in partner programs, internal tools, and processes. Our guidance includes multi-cloud co-sell strategies, brand awareness, alignment maximization, and more, all in the name of helping you achieve faster ROI and reach your goals.

“Navigating cloud engagements while launching a new selling motion is no small feat, but Tackle’s workshop and coaching sessions broke it down into bite sized pieces so that our tiger team could execute efficiently, and effectively. 5 stars!”

Natalie Rojas, Manager of Channel Partnerships, G2

Advisory Workshops that fuel success and foster collaboration

Our seasoned advisors bring your stakeholders together to provide valuable content, facilitation, and guidance to enhance your understanding, strategic planning, and development of proven best practices. We have a variety of workshop topics to choose from depending on where you are in your Cloud GTM journey, each with their own unique outcomes and outputs. Some of our most popular workshops include:

Cloud GTM Executive Overview

Let Tackle guide your leadership team through the “why” and “how” of Cloud GTM. Tackle will establish a baseline of your current maturity, shape business goals, and provide insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Cloud CRM Data Intelligence

Immerse yourself in a tailored session to understand and quantify your Cloud GTM data efforts. Tackle will guide you through the importance of cloud data capture, recommend best practices, and what reports are most valuable
at scale.

Co-sell GTM & Operations

Delve into the intricacies of operationalizing your co-sell motion. Whether you’re new or at scale, learn how to maximize co-selling with the Cloud Partners, build a stronger partnership, focus on your brand building, and uncover new revenue streams.

Operational Transformation

Collaborate with us to optimize your quote-to-cash process. Tackle will help you draw this process out, inform on where the pain points will be, and help you chart out the transformation needed for success.

Marketing for
Cloud GTM

Join our discussion on best practices to enable, launch, and standardize your marketing strategies to magnify your Marketplace and co-sell reach throughout the Cloud Partner ecosystem.

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Ongoing guidance and strategy from Cloud GTM experts

Tackle’s Cloud GTM Coaches work alongside you and your team to set you up within the Tackle Platform, accelerate your time-to-value, and maximize your Cloud GTM ROI. Our areas of expertise and guidance include:

Cloud GTM Strategy

Set KPIs, benchmarks, and processes collaboratively to kickstart or streamline your Cloud GTM motion.

Buyer Data

Utilize actionable buyer intent insights to identify the best-fit deals to co-sell with the clouds and drive through Marketplace.


Learn how to leverage Marketplace partner portals and access tools to meet your cloud buyers how and where they want to buy.

Seller Enablement

Arm your inside sales and field sales team with knowledge around the benefits and best practices of selling and co-selling through the Marketplaces.


Get guidance on co-sell strategies for each cloud and learn how to build stronger cloud partnerships and alignment to help you scale your sales.

Product Expertise

Maximize your use of Tackle through onboarding and new feature enablement all while keeping up-to-date on the latest Marketplace and co-sell happenings across the clouds.

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Unlock your co-sell potential to maximize ROI and drive success
with the clouds

By entrusting your co-selling motion to Tackle, you can experience a multitude of benefits that will propel your business forward. From streamlining communications to enhancing efficiency and amplifying your reputation, our Co-sell Managed Services are designed to help you minimize rejected opportunities, accelerate wins, and foster strong field partner relationships. It’s time to maximize your time to value and take your co-selling strategy to the next level.
Our team takes charge of configuring and integrating multiple systems, including the Tackle Platform, Salesforce, and Cloud Provider partner portals. This collaborative ecosystem is designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency during the co-selling process.
We offer comprehensive operational support to help effectively manage co-selling opportunities across the entire sales cycle—including continuous process improvement, seamless implementation of Cloud Provider program updates, and dedicated assistance to your alliance and revenue operations teams.
Our primary objective is to ensure seamless and efficient communication between your field sellers and their cloud selling partners. We ensure that messages are delivered accurately and consistently, strengthening partnerships that thrive over time.

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