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Whether you're a software startup or an enterprise solution provider, Tackle can help you list and sell your software in the AWS marketplace

The Top Sellers in the AWS Marketplace Trust Tackle

Expert Listing

Any listing type

Tackle has experience working with all listing types supported by AWS, including: AMI, CAR, and SaaS listings.

SaaS Listed Fast

Get listed in weeks, not months

Tackle Upstream gets your software onto the Marketplace quickly, enabling you to sell much sooner than by doing it yourself.

Private Offers

Negotiate custom contracts

Give your sales team the ability to negoitate private offers with customers while still using AWS as a fulfillment and procurement channel

Customer Visibility

Optimize your customer experience

Gain full visibility into your customers when they purchase products or bundles through public cloud marketplaces.

See what others are saying about Tackle

Adam Bosnian

EVP of Global Business Development at CyberArk

"The combination of Tackle's software platform and experience getting customers listed in the AWS marketplace was an immediate value to us"

Timm Hoyt

Global Vice-President, Partners & Alliances at Druva

"Druva relies on Tackle to enable their listing in the AWS Marketplace. Tackle provides management and monitoring of the listing as well as enhanced reporting for all sales placed through their listing."

Use Tackle Upstream to list your software in a fraction of the time.

Preparing your software for listing in a Cloud Marketplace can take months and use precious development resources. Tackle can have your listing submitted for approval in a matter of days.

Tackle can list your product in the AWS marketplace

Works with any listing type and any deployment model