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I understand and consent to the Privacy Policy. This form allows you to invite your friends, coworkers, or other contacts to learn more about Tackle. If you choose to submit the form, we will receive and store those contact’s information and use it to send introductory emails and will refer to your name to identify where we received their contact information. By submitting the form you confirm that you are eligible to participate and receiving up to a $2500 gift is in alignment with any applicable company policies to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! However, referrals will not be accepted for your current employer. Referrals will not be accepted if you work for one of the Cloud Providers, an ecosystem partner Tackle has a referral agreement with, or a Venture Capital firm investing in Tackle.
Within 5 business days, you’ll receive an email to confirm your referral is eligible and we’ll provide additional updates via email as the status of your referral progresses.

• An eligible referral requires that you introduce Tackle to a decision-maker at a third-party company.
• Referrals cannot be a current Tackle Sales opportunity or an opportunity within the past 3 months
• A referral must result in a Tackle Sales qualified opportunity* and/or Tackle customer
• A referral must be for the Tackle platform/product offerings, not for managed services

GMV (Gross Marketplace Volume) is the total incremental contract value of sales transacted on cloud marketplaces by a customer during an order term. GMV Commit is the dollar amount of GMV the Referral Customer commits to. In other words – GMV Commit refers to the amount of dollars flowing through marketplace deals the Customer Referral commits to with Tackle.
This updated Tackle customer referral program is effective 4/19/2023.
Referral payments are reviewed monthly and typically paid out within 60 days post-approval. For payments above $600, Tackle is required to issue you an IRS Form MISC-1099.

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