Cloud GTM Operations Without the Overhead

Manage cloud revenue seamlessly alongside your traditional sales pipeline and automate key co-sell and Marketplace workflows. Tackle integrates with your CRM to keep your sellers in their source of truth and your data clean, accurate, and right where you need it.

A Frictionless Way to Optimize for Cloud GTM

Tackle understands the complexities of introducing a new selling motion into your rhythm of business. Our Cloud GTM Platform simplifies Marketplace and co-sell workflows, expertly guides sellers and alliances teams through required workflows, and integrates into your existing motions with a powerful Salesforce application.

Track Deals to

Book Marketplace and co-sell deals on time with knowledge of who bought which product at what price with Tackle’s enhanced real-time order notifications and buyer metadata.

Streamline Sales Operations

Stay focused on your most valuable sales ops work without manual data collection and entry. Tackle optimizes and automates key processes so you don’t miss a beat.

Maintain Workflows Without Disruption

Tackle seamlessly brings together Marketplace and co-sell workflows into Salesforce. Share data across connected systems for complete visibility.

Your Path to a Winning Cloud GTM Strategy

Wherever you are on your Cloud GTM journey, Tackle can help.

Efficiency is the name of the game

Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform is the end-to-end multi-cloud solution driving powerful partnerships with the hyperscaler Cloud Providers. With Tackle, you can effectively manage co-sell and Marketplace operations, leverage data to drive better engagement, and build more valuable Cloud Partner relationships. 

Deliver deal desk excellence

Create, extend, track, and book Marketplace private offers within Tackle and in Salesforce and get real-time notifications on direct deals, co-sell opportunities, deals involving channel partners, renewals, and more.

Create seamless revenue recognition workflows

Book revenue with ease and tie sales activity, deal status, and disbursements across each of the leading Cloud Providers into your organization’s reporting. Plus, get purchase order notifications enriched with metadata to simplify revenue recognition after the sale.

Streamline Cloud GTM through powerful integrations

Tackle gives sales and operations teams the power of Tackle inside of Salesforce, with private offer creation and tracking, co-sell registration, buyer data, and communication templates all in your system of record.

RevOps Leaders ❤️ Us

Tackle provides complete visibility into our Marketplace transactions for our revenue teams, our deal desk, and finance. Now we’re all looking at the same information through a single pane of glass, versus creating our own reporting and reporting systems.

Larenzo Goodman, Senior Manager, Resellers, Cloud Alliances and Marketplace Partnerships, CircleCI

Seamlessly integrate the Cloud with your sales ops workflow