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Tackle Cloud GTM Platform for Salesforce

Once your Marketplace presence and co-sell relationships are established, you need the right system integrations to maintain that hard-earned momentum and keep your teams in lock-step. Tackle’s Salesforce application allows Marketplace sellers to scale with less overhead, build stronger Cloud Partner relationships, and meet revenue goals. 

  • Register Marketplace co-sell opportunities with your Cloud Partners and monitor the status from within Salesforce. 
  • Create private offers from Salesforce opportunities to minimize manual data entry and increase seller adoption of Marketplace.
  • Customize the Marketplace sales workflow to align with existing internal processes.

Co-Sell with Cloud Partners

Making Connections Makes All the Difference

With Salesforce and Cloud co-sell portal integrations, Tackle provides an end-to-end, multi-cloud solution that integrates and simplifies both the Marketplace and co-sell sales processes. 

  • Sales teams can register co-sell opportunities and extend contracts via Tackle Offers without leaving their system of record. Maintain sales productivity by starting with an existing Salesforce opportunity and eliminating manual data entry.
  • Operations teams can customize the workflow to fit current processes. Add a step to review the opportunity before sending it to the Cloud Provider, ensuring that all registrations are complete and on message.
  • All stakeholders will gain visibility into status updates as deals move along, change status, or close out. Monitor the progress of your co-sell program with a Tackle dashboard that shows every deal in flight.


Celebrate Wins Together in Slack

When you connect Tackle to Slack, you can:

  • Provide all stakeholders with visibility into Marketplace transactions across all Tackle-supported Marketplaces.
  • See real-time events, notifications for new orders, upgrades, cancellations, and billing directly in Slack.
  • Enable your team to react immediately in the channels they already use.


Sync Leads & Orders Directly to Your Marketo Instance

When you connect Tackle to Marketo, you’ll be able to:


  • Eliminate the complexity of siloed Marketplace data management.
  • Automatically capture Marketplace order registration details and push them directly to Marketo.
  • Map Marketplace purchases and order details to customer records.

Custom Workflows? No Problem

Disparate systems not only complicate data management and reporting but also create additional and unnecessary admin work for sellers and operations teams. Tackle supports custom integration and workflow requirements with a suite of developer tools, including webhooks, APIs, and thorough recipes and documentation to get you started.

Flexible Webhooks

Enable event notifications sent from Tackle to your existing tech stack. Send a call-back to your CRM, billing platform, or other proprietary system aligning digital and direct sales processes with an easy and lightweight integration.

Robust APIs

With our powerful APIs and clear documentation at your fingertips, you can easily automate the metered billing process or set up a custom registration page for your customers.

See Why Customers ❤️ Tackle

Sisense Has a New Revenue Strategy & a New Approach to AWS
Sisense wanted a way to accelerate the launch of a transactable SaaS listing to provide a high-touch customer experience and the dedicated care that aligned with their company values, as well as a way to open up a new channel for revenue. Tackle was there to help.
Sisense Has a New Revenue Strategy & a New Approach to AWS Read the Story


  • Landed two customers via Private Offers
  • Reduced sales cycle time by 20%
  • Launched new SaaS listing in less than 2 weeks with zero engineering
A Cloud Guru Takes Control of Marketplace Transactions With Tackle
A Cloud Guru didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate towards piecing together all the threads relating to their AWS Marketplace transactions. Tackle's Platform allowed A Cloud Guru to meet and surpass their desired goals of increasing speed to close, accuracy of transactions, and overall legibility of transactions on the AWS Marketplace.
A Cloud Guru Takes Control of Marketplace Transactions With Tackle Read the Story


  • Stitched together all Marketplaces data into one simple dashboard view
  • Increased speed to close, accuracy and legibility of AWS Marketplace transactions
  • Helped navigate the ins and outs of the AWS Marketplace, from best practices to reporting data

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