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Selling on Google Cloud Marketplace

Selling on the Google Cloud Marketplace takes the solution procurement experience to the next level, but it’s not always easy to get yourself up and running. With its world-class security, production-ready solutions, private catalog, and more, Google Cloud is an easy choice when paired with Tackle, since we make listing, selling, and optimizing a breeze. Tackle’s unique process for strategically launching cloud software and measurably managing solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace will put you a step ahead of the competition from day one.

Go From Zero to Full Speed Faster & Easier

Sourcing resources, a steep technical learning curve, and landing on the strategy that best suits your needs can all be reasons why getting listed on Google Cloud Marketplace can be a challenge. We help hundreds of software companies get listed on Cloud Marketplaces every year, so we can massively reduce the time, energy, and effort required—achieving a predictable and repeatable outcome without the need for advanced engineering. Tackle's standard cloud onboarding methodology blows the DIY way out of the water, clearing the way for exponential growth.

1. Get Your Product on the Shelves

From access configuration, journey mapping, and strategy development to removing sales and customer success barriers, we’ll manage the Google Cloud Marketplace listing process step by step. Not to mention unlocking access to Google Cloud budget commitments, making purchasing via the Marketplace a no-brainer for buyers.

2. Nail Those First Wins, then Scale

Private Offers are the most flexible way to transact, allowing you to bring the custom terms and pricing to your customers as efficiently as possible Plus, as your co-sell business expands, the Tackle platform grows and scales with you, simplifying the sales process, taking the guesswork out of deal status and untangling the story for Sales Ops.

3. Analyze & Optimize for Results

Optimizing your strategy on Google Cloud Marketplace can be hard, but we can help — with advanced integrations into reporting sources, deep analytics and insights, and an evergreen strategy that keeps your listings fresh. Our platform provides the hooks to support your growth, with auto-provisioning, transaction activity, UI-driven metering, and robust management of Private Offers.

Integrated SaaS Solutions

Let Google Create the Connection for You

Integrated SaaS solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace are run on Google Cloud and billed by Google — which means your software is linked to this ubiquitous platform. Google Cloud Marketplace streamlines your customers’ experiences, letting them link their accounts with you to their Google accounts — giving them a simple way to sign in with their Google credentials. There’s less to remember, and more to love.

The Tackle Difference

If you’re thinking of listing yourself, you may want to reconsider. Partnering with Tackle means you get short-term and long-term help so you’re set up for true success. Not only can we get you to Marketplace in less than six weeks — compared to 3-4 months if you do it yourself — we’ll continue helping you light up this new delivery channel, shifting the focus from listing to transacting.

Sales Training

When you list with Google Cloud Marketplace, you get hundreds of pages of Marketplace documents — but when you work with Tackle you get access to our tried and tested playbook. Our platform and our team of experts are chockful of tools, tips, and resources for selling on the Marketplace can make or break your numbers.

Marketplace Integrations

For those who don’t want to build their own integrations, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, including all the research, API creation, and auto-updates for marketing and finance systems, and more. Like your product, Marketplace integrations change over time, requiring an ongoing “product-based” approach, not a time-boxed “project-based” approach. We do the work so your engineering team won’t have to.

Zero-Engineering Effort

Getting to Marketplace on your own requires a high degree of engineering support — which most organizations don’t have the time or resources for. With Tackle, your engineering investment is little to none. Let your engineers remain focused on building differentiating features for your product, let us handle your Marketplace integrations.

True Partnership

Once your product is live, we’ll work with your Sales and Sales Operations teams to help them understand the ins-and-outs of selling through Marketplaces. From understanding when to position a Marketplace deal to your customers to creating Private Offers to Marketplace reporting and accounting, we work with you to maximize the benefits provided by each Marketplace.

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