Celebrating Excellence in Cloud GTM

Tackle's Cloud GTM
Masters Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Cloud GTM

It’s been a tough year for forward momentum. Efficiency is the name of the game and, in times like these, innovation can often get put on the back burner.


That’s why this year’s Cloud GTM Masters Awards celebrates the innovators—Tackle customers who have pushed boundaries, spurred momentum, and ultimately driven revenue through a well-executed Cloud GTM.


See the 2023 Cloud GTM Masters Awards winners here.

Marketplace Masters Awards™

These awards recognize individuals who are breaking ground in the Cloud Marketplaces.

The Ambassador Award

This award celebrates the individual who goes above and beyond to share thought leadership and expertise about Cloud Marketplaces and Cloud GTM strategies with their peers and colleagues.

The Trailblazer

This award honors an outstanding operations specialist who rises above consistently to support their sellers and back office teams in adopting this new route to market.

The Shining Star

This award recognizes a sales hero who eagerly adopted data and co-sell as part of their sales strategy and has spearheaded record-breaking deals through the Marketplaces.

The Captain Award

This award salutes the alliance or partnership leader who has steered significant business impact by building strong co-sell partner relationships leading to increased revenue and thoughtful solutions for their customers.
GTM Masters Awards

These awards recognize companies that spurred Cloud GTM momentum.

The Connector Award

This award celebrates the company that has brought all the right stakeholders to its Cloud GTM initiatives and connected the dots to create and drive forward a solid business initiative.

The GTM Wizard Award

This award recognizes a Tackle customer that’s crushing the Cloud go-to-market flywheel. This company identifies the right buyers, leverages cloud relationships for co-sell, accelerates deals, and contributes revenue.

The Marketplace Maverick Award

This award toasts to the company that is disrupting the norm to bring their channel partners into Marketplace for mutual revenue growth.

The Sales Advocate Award

This award recognizes an ISV that advocates for their seller’s success by providing Marketplace enablement and co-selling guidance. This ISV seeks out opportunities for scale through integrations and adapting business processes.