Tackle's Cloud GTM Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Cloud GTM

Cloud GTM has seen skyrocketing momentum this year! As we reflect back on the last year—the ups and downs—we are excited to see how Tackle customers have taken Cloud GTM to new heights. 

This year’s Cloud GTM Awards celebrate the innovators—those who have pushed boundaries, spurred momentum, and ultimately driven revenue through a well-executed Cloud GTM.

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Award Categories

These awards recognize companies that spurred Cloud GTM momentum.

The Cloud GTM Rookie of the Year

This company is brand new to Cloud GTM and is already making big splashes. Their team is putting the pieces together, getting internal buy-in, and looking forward to a bright future.

The Cloud GTM Connector

This award celebrates the company that has brought all the right stakeholders to its Cloud GTM initiatives and connected the dots to create and drive forward a solid business initiative.

The Cloud GTM

This award recognizes a Tackle customer that’s crushing Cloud go-to-market operations. This company identifies the right buyers, leverages cloud relationships & automation for co-sell, and accelerates deals through Marketplace.

The Cloud GTM Maverick

This award toasts the company that is disrupting the norm and contributing a significant piece of their total ARR through Cloud GTM.

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