Powering ISVs’ co-sell and Marketplace success

With hundreds of customers driving tens of thousands of co-sell registrations and private offers and more than $5 billion in Marketplace sales, only Tackle has the platform, the people, and the experience to help ISVs build and scale a Cloud go-to-market revenue channel.

Forge Stronger Partnerships with ISVs

Cloud Providers trust Tackle to help ISVs adopt, build, and scale co-sell and Marketplace operations to accelerate this new revenue channel while delivering exceptional customer outcomes. With Tackle’s platform, services, and guidance through a proprietary and proven maturity model and Cloud GTM methodology, our ISVs maximize the results of their cloud partnership and cultivate better engagements with cloud partner development managers (PDMs) and field sellers.

A Data-Driven

Tackle’s buyer-intent data empowers ISVs to implement a Cloud GTM operating model that quickly identifies the right customers and deals at the right time with the right cloud partners. Armed with this high-quality, timely data, ISVs can target best-fit customers who are most likely to purchase through the Marketplaces.

Co-selling Integrated with Salesforce

The Tackle Platform drives operational excellence supported by deep integration with Cloud Provider tools and services like AWS ACE, Microsoft Partner Center, and Google Cloud Partner Advantage. With our Salesforce application, workflows are simplified and democratized. 

Efficient Marketplace Transactions

With Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform, ISVs can remove obstacles to scaling their Marketplace sales motion through a better private offer experience, enhanced reporting that’s easily digestible across multiple business functions, and full support for direct or channel Marketplace deals—all within Salesforce.

A winning solution for ISVs at any stage of the Cloud GTM journey

Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform is the only complete end-to-end solution that enables ISVs to better leverage Cloud Provider innovations, services, and programs to drive value for software buyers. Through Tackle’s Salesforce app, ISVs can stay in their system of record for a frictionless co-sell and Marketplace experience to create a modern, efficient Cloud GTM system that helps turn their cloud partnerships into a meaningful revenue channel.

ISVs benefit from our experience

Tackle’s Strategic Services team brings unparalleled insights from years of first-hand experience working with hundreds of customers. Tackle’s proprietary maturity model provides the template for ISVs to increase adoption for co-sell operations and activities and Marketplace transactions, improving speed to repeatable Cloud GTM success. Tackle’s Advisory, Coaching, and Managed Services offerings ensure that ISVs receive the tailored solutions they need to stay on track and on target.

What Our Customers Say

Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform removes the need for multiple point-solutions to understand Marketplace buyer intent data, execute on co-sell motions, or transact across multiple Cloud Marketplaces. We’re able to consolidate all the tools for Alliances, Sales, Ops, and Finance in one place to operate and scale an efficient multi-cloud revenue channel successfully.

Kevin Kriebel, VP, Business Development, Drata

We could have rallied an internal engineering team to work through the Marketplace integration, but that would have taken away from working on our product. Instead, we decided to turn to Tackle to help us get listed and integrate our internal systems with the Marketplace.

George Chintala, VP, Partner Strategy, Programs, & Ops, New Relic

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