Unlock Your Cloud Partnership Strategy

Marketplace and co-sell go together like two sides of the same coin. Sellers who know who to sell to and sell with the clouds find access to budgets they didn’t have before, doors open where they may have been closed, and most importantly they do faster and larger transactions.

Send and receive co-sell opportunities in your system of record

We integrate with Salesforce, Cloud Partner co-sell portals, and the Tackle Platform for an automated Marketplace sales experience. Sellers never have to leave Salesforce to send outbound and accept inbound co-sell opportunities.

Configure co-sell processes to work for your business, not against

RevOps teams love Tackle’s easy implementation which allows for plenty of flexibility and customization along the way. Map any field from any object in Salesforce, insert an approval step before sending an opportunity to the partner, and create email templates to keep sellers on message.

Get real-time visibility on deals

All stakeholders can maintain visibility into status updates as deals move along, change status, or close out. Our bi-directional data sync means that your data is always up-to-date in all systems, including Tackle, Salesforce, and the Cloud Provider portals.

Don’t go at it alone

Our team of experts is here to help you navigate your co-selling journey with the clouds. We tailor each engagement based on your business needs, maturity level, and monthly opportunity volume to ensure you will achieve your goals. We handle the day-to-day operations, unlocking the full potential of co-selling and driving revenue growth, while you focus on your core competencies.

Customers ❤️️ Tackle Co-Sell

Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform removes the need for multiple point-solutions to understand Marketplace buyer intent data, execute on co-sell motions, or transact across multiple Cloud Marketplaces. We’re able to consolidate all the tools for Alliances, Sales, Ops, and Finance in one place to operate and scale an efficient multi-cloud revenue channel successfully.

Kevin Kriebel, VP, Business Development, Drata

Start co-selling with the clouds