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Cloud commerce is growing by leaps and bounds every year, but it isn’t getting any easier to manage. The Tackle Platform is the only solution on the market built to accelerate revenue generation through the clouds. Our zero-engineering approach and unique set of features enable and optimize your experience, allowing you to list on the Marketplaces, co-sell with the Cloud Providers, and transact quickly, easily, and cost-effectively — in record time.

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The Tackle Platform gives you everything you need to successfully get listed, start selling, and scale your Cloud GTM operations.

A One-of-a-Kind Platform Designed for Cloud GTM Success

The Tackle Platform helps software sellers align their business with the Cloud Providers to drive significant revenue through powerful Cloud Marketplace connections, integrated cloud co-selling solutions, buyer insights and data to back up your decisions, and so much more.

Smart Onboarding

Get started selling instantly with our frictionless approach to product listing across all Marketplaces, including customizations, listing management, and cross-department collaboration.

Reporting & Insights

Take control of your Cloud Marketplace and co-selling revenue recognition with advanced reporting, aggregated views, and real-time visibility into the entire purchase cycle.

Tackle Offers

Simplify your selling workflows — and the buyer’s buying experience — with offer history and deal tracking in real time across each clouds. Access Tackle Offers in our application or from your CRM with the Tackle Salesforce application.

Tackle Co-Sell

Tackle automates and simplifies the co-sell process for increased lead sharing and stronger partner relationships. Reduce friction with an end-to-end solution that integrates Salesforce, co-sell portals, and Marketplace private offers.

Tackle Prospect

Leveraging our vast data set and third party licensed data, Tackle has created a predictive model that helps you identify best-fit deals for Marketplace, run highly targeted campaigns, and nail your Cloud GTM objectives.

Easy Metering

There’s minimal engineering required to set up this customizable feature that gives you a smarter way to manage pay-as-you-go contracts, overages, monthly true-ups, and percent-of-spend billing.


Connect Tackle with the Systems that Run Your Business

Tackle’s pre-built integrations and developer tools help scale your Cloud GTM by automating workflows, simplifying the adoption of Marketplace, and minimizing disruption to operations teams.

Get Tackle on Top Cloud Marketplaces

We’re available on all the top Cloud Marketplaces. Simply select a Marketplace below to see pricing, get listed, and start selling with Tackle today.

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