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Today’s go-to-market leaders want to invest in the most efficient channels where their sellers can win more and win faster. Cloud GTM helps sellers meet customers where they want to buy while nurturing strategic partnerships that can lead to more, higher-value opportunities. Digital selling and the rise of Marketplaces have resulted in an increasing number of procurement options for customers and multiple routes to market for ISVs to consider. The clouds are the first real digital channel where this is happening.

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Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform is the only solution on the market built to accelerate revenue generation through the clouds on a single platform with cloud buyer intent data, cloud co-sell automation, and full-service Marketplace capabilities that work seamlessly together to streamline workflows and enable sellers to operate more efficiently. Our zero-engineering approach and unique set of features enable and optimize your experience, allowing you to launch on the Marketplaces, co-sell with the Cloud Providers, and transact quickly, easily, and cost-effectively — in record time.

The Only End-to-End Platform Built for Cloud GTM Success

Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform streamlines buyers’ path to purchase, accelerates cloud-generated revenue for ISVs, integrates into the leading cloud ecosystems, and provides access to seller-enabling data, eliminating the need for bespoke integrations and one-off tools.

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Tackle Prospect

Leverage cloud buyer intent data to identify the best-fit deals for each Marketplace, run highly targeted campaigns and understand the best path to closed won.

Listing Management

Tackle connects and maintains the API connections to the Marketplaces so you can easily list your products and transact.

Smart Onboarding

Start selling quickly with our frictionless approach to product listing across all Cloud Marketplaces, including customizations, pricing support, and seamless cross-department collaboration.

Tackle Co-Sell

Automate the co-sell process for increased lead sharing and stronger partner relationships. Reduce friction with an end-to-end solution integrating Salesforce, co-sell portals, and Marketplace private offers.

Tackle Offers

Simplify private offer creation and track their progress across multiple clouds in the user-friendly Tackle application or Salesforce. Satisfy both buyers and sellers with a streamlined workflow and buyer instructions.

Order Notifications

Instantly know who bought what, when, and for how much with real-time notifications, including all the information required to book an order and customizable metadata.

Easy Metering

Offer flexible pricing models and experiment with PLG strategies. Tackle's metering API or user-friendly interface make it easy to submit usage-based charges, manage pay-as-you-go contracts, and offer free trials.

Reporting & Insights

Stay on top of Cloud GTM performance with aggregated reporting across clouds and a dashboard that displays critical metrics including booked and disbursed revenue, co-sell performance, and accounts most likely to buy in the Marketplace.

Salesforce Application

Simplify Cloud GTM adoption and enablement for sellers by making it possible to complete all cloud selling workflows from their system of record—from Marketplace offers to co-sell initiatives


Connect Tackle with the Systems that Run Your Business

Tackle’s pre-built integrations and developer tools help to scale your Cloud Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy by seamlessly connecting the tools you use daily, including the leading Cloud Marketplaces, co-sell portals, Salesforce, and more. Our end-to-end solution positions your team for rapid growth, driving increased adoption of Marketplaces while minimizing disruptions to operations teams.

Get Tackle on Top Cloud Marketplaces

We’re available on all the top Cloud Marketplaces. Check out Tackle's flexible packaging options that meet you where you are in your Cloud GTM journey.

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215% Marketplace ARR Growth for Seeq Drives Investment in Sustainability
With Tackle’s support and partnership, Seeq quickly went from struggling to launch a listing to now being a top Marketplace seller in its industry category.
215% Marketplace ARR Growth for Seeq Drives Investment in Sustainability Read the Story


  • 215% Marketplace ARR Growth
  • 20% of total ARR transacted in Marketplace
  • First Marketplace transaction within 30 days of launch
Datometry Partners with Tackle to Drive 25x ROI on Microsoft commercial marketplace
Datometry needed a transactable listing on the Microsoft commercial marketplace to get started. Microsoft recommended Tackle as the fastest path to creating Datometry’s Marketplace presence.
Datometry Partners with Tackle to Drive 25x ROI on Microsoft commercial marketplace Read the Story


  • 25x ROI with Tackle in its first year
  • Streamlined revenue booking and reporting with Tackle’s Reporting & Insights
  • Strengthened co-sell program and relationship with Cloud Partners
Netskope Doubles QoQ Growth on AWS Marketplace with Tackle
The Netskope team invested resources and leveraged AWS partner, Tackle, to take advantage of our expertise and experience in optimizing business growth on AWS Marketplace.
Netskope Doubles QoQ Growth on AWS Marketplace with Tackle Read the Story


  • 2x Marketplace growth in the third quarter of 2022 on AWS Marketplace
  • Improved seller workflow and overall productivity of our sales operations team
  • Sellers able to approach channel partners with more confidence, reducing sales friction

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