Transform the Way You Sell Software

Enter the Cloud GTM era with Tackle and unlock an untapped revenue channel with the Cloud Providers. Tackle gives sales teams everything they need to target the right buyers, secure the path to budget, and accelerate deals to closed won.

Hit Your Number When You Sell With and Through the Clouds

Software sellers want clear buyer data they can actually use, Cloud Partners who can help them close the deal, and an easier procurement process for their buyers. Tackle makes all of that possible without introducing friction to your sales cycle.

Work the Right Deals​

Accelerate the sales cycle by targeting the right buyer with the right message at the right time. Get a pipeline assessment and uncover which buyers are most likely to buy through the Cloud Marketplaces and the best partner to co-sell with.

Close Business Faster​

Avoid lengthy negotiations and approvals by tapping into customers’ pre-approved budgets and standard contracts with the major Cloud Providers, making it possible to get to closed won quickly and efficiently.

Get Expert Guidance

Tackle will make sure you’re  fully educated, trained, and enabled to sell through and with the clouds. Tackle’s Coaches, services team, and workshops provide insights and best practices from years of first-hand Cloud GTM experience.

Accelerate Deals through the Cloud Providers

Wherever you are on your Cloud GTM journey, Tackle can help.

Future-proof your sales motion

Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform is the end-to-end multi-cloud solution driving powerful partnerships with the hyperscaler Cloud Providers. With Tackle, you can effectively manage co-sell and Marketplace operations, leverage data to drive better engagement, and build more valuable Cloud Partner relationships. 

Target Marketplace-ready accounts

No more guesswork. Tackle’s cloud buyer intent data puts you on the right path, so you know which customers are most likely to purchase through the Marketplace, as well as which Marketplace they prefer and which Cloud Provider to co-sell with.

Automate co-sell workflows

Tackle makes managing co-sell opportunities with the Cloud Providers a breeze with integrated buyer data, templatized communication, and clear guidance on necessary inputs and best practices.

Transact through Marketplace—and track deals from created to closed

Create, send, and track private offers in real time so key stakeholders can monitor progress. Whether it’s direct, a renewal or expansion, or a channel-driven deal. Plus, we’ll send step-by-step instructions to your buyers.

Keep Cloud GTM activities in Salesforce

With deal creation, tracking, co-sell registration, and buyer data right at your fingertips in Tackle’s Salesforce app, you can easily manage the entire sales cycle where you and your reps spend your time—no additional tools or apps needed.

Revenue Leaders ❤️ Us

We had the shortest sales cycle in the history of the company just this past year, 18 minutes from when one of our sales reps finished a call with a customer. I’ve never seen that before, but that’s what this technology allows.

Paul Horn, Director of Microsoft Alliance, Nasuni

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