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Drive Cloud
Revenue Without

A Data-Driven Approach

Manage new revenue channels seamlessly alongside your traditional sales pipeline. Tackle integrates with your current sales systems to keep your sellers in their source of truth, your data clean and accurate, all without the need for developer resources.

Track Deals to Closed-Won

Book deals on time with the knowledge of who bought your product at what price with Tackle’s enhanced real-time order notifications with buyer metadata.

Streamline Operations

Stay focused on your most valuable sales ops work without manual data collection and entry. Tackle optimizes key processes so you can win customers faster.

Co-Sell Without Overhead

Manage co-sell processes with the Cloud Providers and simplify workflows for your sellers. Tackle makes deal registration and reporting easy.
Deal Desk Efficiency

Create, extend, and track Marketplace offers in either the Tackle application or Salesforce and deliver a better experience for both buyers and sellers. Plus, get purchase order notifications enriched with metadata to simplify revenue recognition after the sale.

Undisrupted Workflows

A connected experience that seamlessly brings together Marketplace, Co-Sell, and Tackle with your CRM is the only way to scale a Cloud GTM efficiently. When you share data across connected systems, sales and operations processes are naturally streamlined.

Unmatched Visibility

Book revenue with ease and tie granular cloud sales activity, deal status, and disbursements across each of the leading Cloud Providers into your organizations’ sales reporting.

We’ve got you covered at every phase of the journey
The Tackle Platform


Launch and start selling on top Cloud Marketplaces with zero engineering.


Accelerate revenue with automated workflows and robust reporting.


Set up for long-term success as you build your GTM with the clouds.
Our Customers ❤️ Us
With Tackle, it’s really about simplifying things, saving time, and enriching the data you have. When you’re sending out multiple offers in a week and doubling your business every quarter, that becomes hugely important.
Udi Nachmany, VP EMEA Alliances, Snyk
Start Selling Quickly on the Top Clouds With Tackle

Whether you’re listing your software for the first time, looking to expand into a new cloud, or ready to scale your current operation, Tackle can help at any stage of your journey.

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Sales Ops ❤️ Tackle

A Cloud Guru Takes Control of Marketplace Transactions With Tackle
A Cloud Guru didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate towards piecing together all the threads relating to their AWS Marketplace transactions. Tackle's Platform allowed A Cloud Guru to meet and surpass their desired goals of increasing speed to close, accuracy of transactions, and overall legibility of transactions on the AWS Marketplace.
A Cloud Guru Takes Control of Marketplace Transactions With Tackle Read the Story


  • Stitched together all Marketplaces data into one simple dashboard view
  • Increased speed to close, accuracy and legibility of AWS Marketplace transactions
  • Helped navigate the ins and outs of the AWS Marketplace, from best practices to reporting data
Snowflake Reaches Customers on Azure Marketplace With Zero Engineering
Customers wanted to purchase through the Azure Marketplace, mostly because it was easier to add Snowflake to their Azure bill than it was to add a new vendor into their system. The benefits also included centralized purchasing and improved buying leverage with Microsoft.
Snowflake Reaches Customers on Azure Marketplace With Zero Engineering Read the Story


  • Unlocked additional benefits driving new leads in new markets through a strengthened partnership with Microsoft
  • Efficient onboarding required less than ½ FTE of a non-engineering resource — a fraction of the internal resources estimate
  • Published a SaaS offer in Azure Marketplace within 30 days and begin transacting shortly thereafter

Bring the cloud to your sales ops workflows