Tackle Prospect

Business Intelligence
to Fuel Your
Cloud GTM Strategy


Analyze Your Pipeline for the Best-Fit Opportunities

Tackle has processed billions in Marketplace transactions, facilitated thousands of co-sell engagements, and analyzed even more pipeline opportunities giving us unique visibility into enterprise buying patterns and behaviors. 


Leveraging our vast data set and third-party licensed data, Tackle has created a predictive model that helps you identify best-fit deals for Marketplace, run highly targeted campaigns, and nail your Cloud GTM objectives. 

How Does it Work?

The model considers multiple factors regarding your buyers’ Marketplace purchase history, cloud investments, and several others that only Tackle can provide. We help you answer questions like:


  • Which Marketplaces are your prospects most likely to transact on?
  • Which prospects are ideal for sellers to pitch a Marketplace message to?
  • How can your Marketing team channel this knowledge into an effective Account-Based Marketing strategy?
Explore Tackle Prospect

Tackle Prospect offers unique benefits to multiple players in your Cloud GTM team.


get a personalized purchasing index score report and a new reason to consider Marketplace in their sales approach.

Revenue Leaders

are more equipped to enable sellers on the Marketplace opportunity and focus their energy on prospects that have the highest probability of closing.


can use this buyer intelligence data to target the right accounts with the right message.

See Why Customers ❤️ Tackle Prospect

CyberArk Finds New Customers in the AWS Marketplace
Tackle and CyberArk worked together to come up with a Marketplace solution that fit CyberArk’s existing business model and addressed the requirements of enterprise software deployments.
CyberArk Finds New Customers in the AWS Marketplace Read the Story


  • Enabled advanced privileged access security support via the AWS Marketplace in less than one month
  • Required minimal technical resources from CyberArk to complete the listings
  • Delivered easy-to-use reporting dashboard for finance team to track sales with zero learning curve
Incorta Accelerates Time to Value for Customers with Tackle
Incorta helps leading brands gain insights with a modern approach to data management and analytics. In an effort to meet their buyers where they wanted to buy, Incorta’s senior leadership began focusing on selling on three Cloud Marketplaces. In doing so, Incorta enables their buyers to transact in their Marketplace of choice.
Incorta Accelerates Time to Value for Customers with Tackle Read the Story


  • Accelerated sales and deployment time by 67%
  • 100% revenue growth year over year
  • Expecting at least 40% of total revenue through the Cloud Marketplaces

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