Buyer Intelligence
to Fuel Your Cloud
GTM Strategy

Tackle has processed over $9B in Marketplace transactions, facilitated thousands of co-sell engagements, and analyzed even more pipeline opportunities giving us unique visibility into enterprise buying patterns. Our vast data set and AI/ML-trained model gives you the buyer data you need to fuel your Cloud GTM strategy.

Every great GTM strategy starts with data

Sellers need actionable insights to understand a buyer’s interest in Marketplace and to identify the best-fit deals to co-sell with the clouds. When they have buyer data at their fingertips, it’s easier to quantify the opportunity, forecast the revenue potential, and build trust with leadership, resulting in faster and larger transactions.

How does it work?

The Tackle Prospect model considers multiple factors regarding your buyers’ Marketplace purchase history, cloud investments, and several others that only Tackle can provide. Upload a list of domains to the Tackle application or score opportunities in Salesforce to determine if there is a high, medium, or low likelihood of purchase and get answers to questions like:

Explore Tackle Prospect

Tackle Prospect offers unique benefits to multiple players on your Cloud GTM team.


can access data in Salesforce on the accounts most likely to purchase through specific clouds to have the right conversations earlier in the sales cycle.

Revenue Leaders

can improve sales team productivity by focusing sellers on the accounts with a cloud budget that have a higher probability of closing through the cloud.


can use this buyer intelligence data in combination with other intent data to target the right accounts with the right message through ABM strategies.


can better quantify the Marketplace and co-sell opportunity for their leadership team, and guide sellers to buyers with the highest likelihood to close.

Tackle Prospect is a best-practice resource at Iron Mountain being used to accelerate SaaS sales and drive more value to our customers.

Kristin Wilcox, Strategic Alliance Director - Americas, Iron Mountain

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