Tackle Prospect

Identify Best-Fit Deals for Cloud Marketplace

68% of software buyers are increasing their cloud budgets in 2023.

This shift in where buyers are buying brings a massive opportunity to capture these dollars — in the clouds.

Now imagine having visibility into which of your prospects are buying across the Cloud Providers.

Enter Tackle Prospect.

Tackle Prospect takes your pipeline of target accounts and scores each one based on their likelihood to buy in the Cloud Marketplaces.

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What Your Teams Will Get From Tackle Prospect


will know when to engage a customer in a Marketplace deal — along with a new reason to consider this channel in their sales approach.

Revenue Leaders

will be more equipped to enable sellers on the Marketplace opportunity and focus their energy on prospects with the highest probability of closing.


can use this buyer intelligence data to target the right accounts with the right message.


How does it work?

With billions in processed Marketplace transactions, Tackle has gained unique visibility into enterprise buying patterns and behaviors. Leveraging our vast data set and third-party licensed data*, we’ve created a predictive model that helps sellers identify prospects that are most likely to purchase in the Marketplace. The model considers multiple factors regarding their Marketplace purchase history, cloud investments, and several others that only Tackle can provide. *Tackle does not use any Marketplace data, customer data, or PII, and does not require access to your CRM.

How do I get access?

You will follow these three simple steps:

  1. Share a spreadsheet of your top 250 accounts with Tackle.
  2. Let Tackle run your data through our predictive model.
  3. You receive a report with a personalized Marketplace purchasing index score.

Who is eligible?

Software companies built in the cloud.

You do not need to be a Tackle customer to purchase Tackle Prospect.

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