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Scalable Cloud Revenue

Activate a Cloud go-to-market motion for reliable revenue at scale. Tackle enables successful selling on the hyperscaler Cloud Providers so you can close deals faster without disrupting your other revenue channels.

Work the Right Deals

Give your sales team data to accelerate the sales cycle. With Tackle, get a pipeline assessment for insight into which buyers are most likely to buy through each of the Cloud Marketplaces. A new level of efficiency for your sales team!

Close Business Faster

Avoid lengthy negotiations and approvals by tapping into customers’ pre-approved budgets with the major Cloud Providers, making it possible to go from interest to purchase in just a few clicks.

Educate & Enable Field Sellers

Make sure your sales force is fully educated, trained, and enabled to make the most of the cloud revenue channel. Tackle’s team of experts will work with you to understand your business and guide your sellers to success.
Data-Driven Buyer Insights

Let Tackle assess and score your current pipeline so your sellers can work and close the right deals with the right partners.

Co-sell leads to faster and larger transactions
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Effective & Efficient Co-Selling

Generate partner-initated pipeline with your Cloud Partners at scale without disrupting your sellers’ workflows or traditional channels.

Real-time Deal Tracking

Track private offers in real time so key stakeholders can monitor progress and ultimately help your team sell faster—all in a way that’s aligned to your current business.

Comprehensive Reporting

Tackle’s reporting capabilities give you a granular view of sales activity, deal status, and disbursements for more complete data transparency and visibility.

We’ve got you covered at every phase of the journey
The Tackle Platform


Launch and start selling on top Cloud Marketplaces with zero engineering.


Accelerate revenue with automated workflows and robust reporting.


Set up for long-term success as you build your GTM with the clouds.
Our Customers ❤️ Us
Tackle gives us the ability to speed up our transaction model and get our product into our customers’ hands faster. That faster time to value is a huge advantage to partnering with Tackle, we’re able to shorten our sales process by at least 4 months and decrease deployment time by another 4 months giving our customers access to the platform 67% faster than we're able to without Tackle.
Stephen Campbell, VP of Technology, Incorta
Start Selling Quickly on the Top Clouds With Tackle

Whether you’re listing your software for the first time, looking to expand into a new cloud, or ready to scale your current operation, Tackle can help at any stage of your journey.

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Revenue Leaders ❤️ Tackle

Lacework Reaches New Heights with 5x Increase in New Customers
Lacework partnered with Tackle to 3x its Cloud Marketplace revenue and 5x net new customers in its first year.
Lacework Reaches New Heights with 5x Increase in New Customers Read the Story


  • 3x increase in overall revenue growth
  • 5x increase in net new customers
  • 90+% trial conversion rate each quarter
Weka’s AWS Marketplace Pipeline
While Weka has built its storage infrastructure solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) since day one, building its cloud go-to-market (GTM) strategy was new territory. As the company expanded its offerings, it looked for new ways to reach its growing customer base. Tapping into AWS Marketplace and working with Tackle to streamline the process proved to be a massive opportunity. In under one year, Weka grew its cloud pipeline deals from zero to 15 percent of the company’s overall business opportunity.
Weka’s AWS Marketplace Pipeline Read the Story


  • 15% of revenue driven through Marketplace
  • 20x increase in cloud pipeline
  • Roughly 1 week saved in financial reconciliation
Snyk Unlocks 3x Increase in Average Sale Price with Tackle
To get their solution quickly listed in the AWS Marketplace, Snyk partnered with Tackle to provide a zero-engineering approach to listing, integrating, and managing everything the Snyk team needs to sell successfully.
Snyk Unlocks 3x Increase in Average Sale Price with Tackle Read the Story


  • Closed more than 50 private offers on the Marketplace in one year
  • Average sales price is 300% higher compared to those outside Marketplace
  • Doubling the business quarter over quarter

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