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Growing & Winning Together

Cloud Marketplaces are changing the way enterprise software is bought and sold — and we’ve taken that to heart. We sell the Tackle Platform almost exclusively through the Marketplaces, which is what enabled us to create a playbook for success that we share with the software companies who choose to work with us.

Our goal is to be a true partner. That’s why everyone on Tackle’s team is dedicated to our customers’ success — collaborating to build Marketplace businesses that are healthy, proactive, and growing. Our first-to-market platform is also customer-first, literally designed to help software companies sell better and achieve bigger, better results. In short, Tackle gives you the tools you need to differentiate yourself and rise above the noise.

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Make It Easy

Zero Engineering

When built and managed internally, Marketplace channels require highly specialized skills and dedicated engineering resources. The Tackle Platform is a zero-engineering solution that lets your teams stay focused on your customers, your product, and growing your business — saving you time and money. Get listed seamlessly, start selling quickly, and scale with ease with Tackle.

Get There Fast

Speed to Marketplace

The Tackle Platform boasts a frictionless, simplified approach that makes your software available to millions of new buyers faster than you thought possible — reducing launch time from months to weeks. Thanks to our streamlined process and Smart Onboarding feature, listing and harnessing new revenue is a breeze.

Take Control

Insights & Visibility

Get unrivaled visibility into your Cloud Marketplace offerings with Tackle. We’ll let you track deals at every step, see detailed contract and customer information, and monitor transaction activity for all your listings on every Marketplace — all from a single location. This granularity is fundamental to managing, scaling, and taking control of your Marketplace revenue channel with confidence.

Expand Listings & Marketplaces

Revenue & Growth

Cloud Marketplaces provide new revenue opportunities through access to budget dollars, streamlined contracting, and the opportunity to co-sell with the Cloud Providers. We consider it our mission to enable software companies to take full advantage of this environment. With the Tackle Platform, you’ll be able to scale listings or expand to new Cloud Marketplaces on demand.

Tackle's Marketplace Guides
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Drive Innovation

Experience & Expertise

Built for software sellers by software sellers, the Tackle team of experts knows each Marketplace intimately and aims to make the experience of selling through the clouds better than direct. Through Cloud Marketplace collaboration and customer feedback, we’re continuously evolving and refining our product vision to drive innovation.

Our Customers ❤️ Us
Tackle’s creative client success teams go the extra mile. If you want an experienced team to share best practices, guide you through the process, and provide you with the right platform to get launched quickly, Tackle is the solution for you.
Kathryn Wang, Senior Director, Business Development, Human
The knowledge and support we received from the team at Tackle has helped us accelerate our Marketplace journey and positioned us for our next stage of growth.
Ryan Davis, Senior Manager, Cloud Product Marketing, ExtraHop
Thanks to Tackle, we were able to launch our new SaaS listing in less than 2 weeks with zero engineering cycles required so our internal team could stay focused on platform innovation. As a result, we've reduced sales cycle time by 20% for customer purchases run through our AWS Marketplace listing.
Steven Larsen, VP, Platform Partnerships, Sisense
We have seen both new logo acquisition and streamlining of large customer purchases since engaging with Tackle.
Timm Hoyt, Global Vice President, Partner Sales & Alliances, Druva helped Lacework go from zero to a finished AWS Marketplace listing in 11 days. Their professionalism, consultative assistance, and experience were outstanding. Tackle is a true partner that is invested in our success, and we could not have done this alone.
Michael Musselman, Senior Director, Technology & Strategic Alliances, Lacework
Not only does Tackle's SaaS solution enable us to manage our growing Marketplace business, but the Tackle team adds tremendous value to us. Their expertise in Marketplace and regular updates, office hours, and sales training has helped us with better co-selling strategies and empowered us to make progress into 2021 on Marketplaces as a key channel for Seeq.
Megan Buntain, Director of Cloud Partnerships, Seeq
Working with Tackle means you don't have to take valuable time away from your development team to support Marketplace integrations. Trust the experts and keep your development teams focused on what they do best.
Donna Shawhan, Strategic Alliances & Tech Partnerships, Socure

See Why Customers ❤️ Tackle

Druva Goes to AWS Marketplace in 2 Months With Zero Engineering
Druva relies on Tackle to enable their listing in the AWS Marketplace. Tackle provides management and monitoring of the listing as well as enhanced reporting for all sales placed through their listing — all without reprioritizing product resources.
Druva Goes to AWS Marketplace in 2 Months With Zero Engineering Read the Story


  • Net new customer acquisition
  • Streamlining of large purchases by simplifying legal and procurement processes
  • More buying choices for customers
  • Tackle abstracts the complexity of the AWS Marketplace API
  • Enhanced customer reporting
New Relic Saw Faster Sales on AWS in Less Than 6 Weeks
New Relic partnered with Tackle to get listed and start selling on the AWS Marketplace. Tackle was able to complete the listings in less than 6 weeks before moving on to enabling advanced reporting and downstream business integrations.
New Relic Saw Faster Sales on AWS in Less Than 6 Weeks Read the Story


  • Immediate sales traction
  • Accelerated the time to close deals
  • Gained a go-to sales channel
  • Expanded AWS partnerships & strategy
  • New customer acquisition, incremental transactions
Snowflake Reaches Customers on Azure Marketplace With Zero Engineering
Customers wanted to purchase through the Azure Marketplace, mostly because it was easier to add Snowflake to their Azure bill than it was to add a new vendor into their system. The benefits also included centralized purchasing and improved buying leverage with Microsoft.
Snowflake Reaches Customers on Azure Marketplace With Zero Engineering Read the Story


  • Unlocked additional benefits driving new leads in new markets through a strengthened partnership with Microsoft
  • Efficient onboarding required less than ½ FTE of a non-engineering resource — a fraction of the internal resources estimate
  • Published a SaaS offer in Azure Marketplace within 30 days and begin transacting shortly thereafter

Simply Get Listed & Start Selling