Amend private offers for AWS Marketplace in Tackle

You’ve created private offers for your AWS Marketplace buyers in the Tackle Platform before, but have you ever wanted to amend your agreements with those customers to expand them or execute an early renewal and found the process challenging? Well, not anymore! 

You can now amend any previous private offer for AWS Marketplace by creating an Agreement Based Offer directly from Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform with Tackle Offers. This is just one of the steps we’re taking to align the Cloud GTM selling motion to the direct sales motion to make the buying and selling experience more efficient.  

Upsell and expand your AWS Marketplace customers in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Utilize Tackle’s comprehensive search functionality to find your previous private offers for your desired customer by searching on Company Name, AWS Account Number, or any other contract metadata from the previous offer.

Step 2: Select the “Amend” option from the Tackle Offer record that you want to amend. Tackle will then pre-populate details from the original offer, including any outstanding invoices.

Step 3: Make any desired changes to execute this amendment, like the dimensions, the service end date, the payment amounts, or the End User License Agreement.


Step 4: Review the offer and click “Create amended offer” to have the offer created on the AWS Marketplace.

Step 5: Send the offer to your buyer and track their progress.


Step 6: Book the offer and celebrate!

If you need any help amending offers, check out our Tackle Docs article on the topic.

Have feedback you’d like to share or ideas on what you’d like to see next with regards to your private offers experience? I would love to hear from you. You can email me at sean.donohue@tackle.io

Happy selling!