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Why Tackle

Auth0 had a tremendous opportunity from a large client who was ready to purchase. The problem: they wanted to do it via the AWS Marketplace, and Auth0 wasn't listed. Read how Tackle got them ready to transact in less than two weeks.

Key Outcomes

  • Tackle reduced time-to-marketplace from 3-5 months to less than two weeks
  • Auth0 was able to complete a large transaction in a time frame that was previously thought impossible without Tackle's upstream service.
  • Tackle's expert guide service walked Auth0 through the entire listing process and provided best practices and recommendations to maximize their Marketplace potential.
  • Tackle connected Auth0 with the world of marketplace sales, allowing them to take advantage of the AWS support team to increase their success in this new sales channel.
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Every organization and every enterprise is moving to the cloud. Building applications natively and shifting legacy applications are strategic directives from leadership in this age of digital transformation. In order to deliver value and remain competitive in this massive institutional migration, SaaS providers must meet their customers where they are. This starts by leveraging partners in order to obtain scalable growth and symbiotic relationships in business development and sales. For Auth0, an identity-as-a-service platform, the key to meeting both of these goals was found by listing their service in the AWS Marketplace. “Being aligned with AWS—their teams, customers, and community —in a way that allows us to fulfill customer demand, has been a game changer for us,” said Eric Snyder, Sr. Director of Channels at Auth0. “A game changer that truly was made possible by Tackle,” he added.

Auth0: A Success Story

Now imagine, it’s 2013 and the software world is growing at an unprecedented pace both in authorship and usership, vastly complicating the world of security and identity in every application. Small organizations and large-scale enterprises are excited about the growing landscape and terrified of the vulnerability it creates. Companies are hitting crossroads in which their focus needs to be directed towards their product instead of building an identity system around it, and identity security now haunts these companies’ potential demise. Slightly exaggerated? Sure. But not too far off.

Enter two founders who have a growing vision for a universal identity platform; one that becomes applicable to every use case facing the expanding problem by serving business-to-consumer use, business-to-business federation use, employee single-sign-on use, and even authentication of machines and APIs. Customers begin flocking to the solution, looking for ways to rest their complex and large-scale identity troubles in trusted hands, to be able to focus on the value that their applications provide.

From this point on, Auth0 became the partner of choice for management of authentication and authorization aspects of such applications. From those original two founders to more than 450 employees today, Auth0 serves thousands of customers worldwide and processes in the neighborhood of 2.5 billion authentications every month—numbers which are only scaling to meet greater demand each day.

A Little Help from Their Friends

No math is required to identify the massive growth that Auth0 experienced in only five years; growth that for anyone in the tech industry both thrills and intimidates. With expanding success comes the need to find balance between the do-it-yourself entrepreneurial attitude, and the discovery and use of trusted partners. The leadership team at Auth0 realized this when a massive deal with an enterprise customer was identified and sourced via their relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). While the opportunity to engage with the customer was colossal, so was the access gap of being listed, marketed, and priced on the marketplace. Time and quality was of the essence, and performing the listing from scratch was simply not an option because of technical and effort (engineering, product, finance, etc.) limitations.

So the team at Auth0, with the help of an AWS Partner Manager, turned to the experts in the field: By pivoting attention to the newfound partner, Auth0 was able to deliver their identity providers, and then leave the work of providing an abstraction layer, launching its product, and fast-pacing integration to the marketplace all to Tackle. In doing so, Auth0 was walked through a process that at its fastest was anticipated to take about 3-5 months to complete but was actually done in less than two weeks. The possibilities since are endless.

With a process and technology that allows for the connection from the AWS ecosystem’s front-end to Auth0’s backend, has opened the ability for Auth0 to transact in a way previously unimagined. The expertise of Tackle was quickly realized when with every day came discovery of new shortcuts, a growing sense of collaboration, and an immense amount of commitment to Auth0’s customized experience. It is further reaffirmed with an ongoing joke that the team at Tackle is not only Auth0’s partner but everyday therapist as well. By having Tackle walk through the entire process of AWS marketplace listings and providing best practices and recommendations for configuration along the way, the business return for Auth0 is beyond limits, providing the basis for Auth0’s marketplace sales goals for 2019. With the “opportunity to go out and run plays with the AWS sales teams and the field organizations that we quite frankly would not be able to run without being in the marketplace (thanks to Tackle!), we are looking at quadrupling the amount of revenue that has gone through AWS marketplace [this upcoming year],” says Snyder. “It’s pretty amazing.”

"Being aligned with AWS—their teams, customers, and community —in a way that allows us to fulfill customer demand, has been a game changer for us. A game changer that truly was made possible by Tackle."

Eric Snyder, Sr. Director of Channels at Auth0