Cloud Security Leader Wiz Reaches $350 Million ARR With Cloud GTM Support from Tackle

Executive Summary

Cloud security leader Wiz achieved rapid success with Tackle's Cloud GTM Platform, becoming the fastest software company to hit $100 million in ARR. By leveraging Cloud Marketplaces and co-sell, Wiz surpassed industry milestones and cultivated deep relationships with Cloud Providers, with 99% of its sellers doing at least one deal through the Cloud Marketplaces. Tackle's coaching services ensured seamless co-selling, streamlined processes, and helped drive internal buy-in.

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Key Highlights

Rapid Growth

Had the fastest growth trajectory of any SaaS company, achieving a $10B valuation in just three years.

Lean Team

Achieved growth and expanded Cloud GTM operations to maximize the impact of core team.

Excellent CX

Delivered a smooth, efficient, fast process, based on information sharing and data transparency for customers.


Cloud security leader Wiz is all about the customer. That’s why, observing significant customer movement toward Cloud Marketplaces, the company’s leadership looked to quickly establish itself in multiple Cloud Marketplaces. Turning to Tackle helped Wiz hone its Cloud go-to-market (GTM) strategy and ramp up sales to become the fastest software company to achieve $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in just 18 months. Since then, the company has hit several other significant milestones: Wiz achieved $350M ARR in 2023 and announced new COO & President Dali Rajic at the start of 2024, setting its sights on future IPO.

This strategic move to adopt the Tackle Cloud GTM Platform has paid off for Wiz in more ways than sales revenue. Wiz’s customers include 40% of the world’s most influential Fortune 100 companies and a recent $10 billion valuation made it the world’s most highly valued young company in cybersecurity. Wiz claims that its impressive growth curve, surpassing $200 million in ARR in barely three years of business, is a result of its commitment to innovation, and to building a solution that both security and development teams want. Wiz was built for scale from day one, and has maintained that focus throughout its four-year run, with a strategy that includes leveraging cloud ecosystems and a deep focus on partnerships. Using Tackle to scale has resulted in high-volume Cloud GTM deals, with a significant amount of business being transacted through the Tackle Platform.

Director of Global Strategic Alliances at Wiz, Scott Sumner, said, “At Wiz, we’ll do anything to make our customers’ lives easier as we support them on their cloud journey. Tackle helps us do that while meeting demand and maintaining high velocity. We use all of Tackle’s tools in various combinations. For instance, sellers can use Tackle Prospect to determine if a potential customer typically buys through the Marketplace. Tackle’s Co-Sell tool then helps us provide the relevant information to the Cloud Provider for closer engagement, and finally, the Salesforce integration means that we can do the offers through Salesforce.”

Tackle and the Marketplaces have helped us scale, keep pace with demand, and meet ambitious goals by providing transparency and ease.

Scott Sumner, Director of Global Strategic Alliances, Wiz

Building a Multi-Cloud Strategy Through Marketplace



Wiz launched in 2020, and customers were quick to rate it the #1 cloud security solution. Wiz set ambitious growth goals as a reflection of growing demand. The company adopted the strategy of using a multi-cloud offering to cast a wide net for customers, enabling its sales teams to transact through the clouds. Wiz decided to use Cloud Marketplaces as a critical pillar of its GTM strategy from the very beginning because that’s where existing and potential customers were turning for purchases.

However, doing this across multiple clouds in a fast-paced and relatively new market required significant streamlining and process integration. Wiz also needed to educate and train its sellers on sales motions like co-sell and Marketplace private offers to keep them up to date in a rapidly evolving market.



Adopting Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform and its coaching services helped Wiz evolve and scale. Tackle automated and integrated into Wiz’s Salesforce instance out of the box, and with additional customizations by Tackle’s team. Scott said, “The Salesforce integration helps Marketplace transactions happen in a matter of minutes. Because the system sits inside Salesforce, any seller can check on their private offer status in the Salesforce widget, pull reports, and so on.” He also noted, “I use Salesforce to show the impact of my business and having Tackle’s tools embedded there for ease is super important. It streamlines processes and frees up time to focus on delivering customer value."

To encourage co-sell adoption, Wiz focused on change management — both for internal stakeholders to get buy-in and to shift how its top sellers approached deals. It adopted a two-pronged strategy to prevent points of friction: education and data transparency using Tackle’s cloud buyer intent data to showcase the value of its Co-Sell and Coaching Services. Wiz took this a step further by tracking key deal metrics like time to close and increased value. Sharing up-to-date data in dashboards with Cloud Providers and internal stakeholders became a keystone of Wiz’s strategy to build adoption and buy-in internally. This effectively aligned sellers, Cloud Providers, and internal stakeholders to all execute the same strategy.

Further, Wiz brought in stakeholders from finance, marketing, and legal to support its Cloud GTM efforts. The process was highly collaborative: for example, with support from Tackle, Wiz’s finance team developed a framework that surfaces critical financial questions and answers for sellers and customers, streamlining the buying process. Scott said, “Even if something was new to us, the examples and documentation that Tackle provided helped build the team’s comfort and familiarity with the process. It's almost like a checkbox Tackle offers as part of their onboarding process to make a more seamless transition.”



Wiz catapulted to decacorn status in barely three years thanks — in part — to its robust multi-cloud GTM strategy that broadened its market reach and strategically grew its foothold through the Cloud Marketplaces and co-selling with the hyperscalers. Transparently sharing data with its sellers and internal stakeholders helped drive education and adoption of its Cloud GTM strategy through the Tackle Platform.

Today, Wiz’s relationship with the Cloud Providers is deeper than ever, with 99% of its sellers doing at least one deal through the Cloud Marketplaces.

About Wiz

Wiz transforms cloud security for customers – including 40% of the Fortune 100 – by enabling a new operating model. Its CNAPP empowers security and development teams to build fast and securely by providing visibility into their cloud environments. With Wiz, organizations can prioritize risk and stay agile.