Datometry Partners with Tackle to Drive 25x ROI on Microsoft commercial marketplace

Executive Summary

Datometry, the leader in database virtualization, enables software companies to run existing applications directly on Microsoft Azure without business disruptions or the need for costly and risky database migrations. Datometry and Microsoft saw an opportunity to accelerate their mutual success through co-selling, but Datometry needed a transactable listing on the Microsoft commercial marketplace to get started. Microsoft recommended Tackle as the fastest path to creating Datometry’s Marketplace presence. Tackle continues to play a key role in Datometry's Cloud go-to-market strategy by supporting launches of additional product listings and helping to scale its Cloud Marketplace sales motion. In addition, Datometry gets strategy guidance from Tackle’s team of experts as well as access to peer-to-peer networking and learning through the Tackle community.

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Key Highlights

25x ROI

with Tackle in first year


revenue booking and reporting with Tackleu2019s Reporting & Insights


co-sell program and relationship with Cloud partners

Launching Transactable Listings with Tackle

Microsoft referred Datometry to Tackle because the hyperscaler knew that Tackle makes it fast and easy for software companies to get started on Microsoft commercial marketplace. 

“Microsoft is our number one source of leads and we want to be the best partner we can be to them,” says Dan Langille, Head of Microsoft Alliance, Datometry. “When they pointed us in the direction of Tackle in order to be transactable in Microsoft commercial marketplace, it removed any consideration we had about building our listings ourselves. Tackle made it easy for us to become transactable on Marketplace.” 


Revenue Reporting with Tackle

Datometry’s target market is almost exclusively enterprise and strategic accounts which invariably have complex procurement and vendor onboarding processes. Tackle’s Reporting & Insights and Microsoft commercial marketplace’s standard Marketplace agreement enable Datometry to trade legacy processes for virtually frictionless transactions with some of the world’s largest corporations.

“We are MACC-eligible (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment*) so our customers don’t need to find net-new budget to purchase our platform. We make heavy use of private offers to meet each customer’s unique, negotiated licensing terms,” Dan says. 

Datometry’s finance organization leverages Tackle’s reports to recognize its Cloud revenue in a timely fashion and to meet the reporting obligations of its investors and board of directors.

“Tackle’s dashboard is a huge benefit to our finance organization and gives us that peace of mind that everything’s taken care of,” Dan says. “With immediate access to Marketplace transaction data, we are able to close our books in hours.”


Co-selling Benefits the Whole Ecosystem

Since launching on Marketplace with Tackle, Datometry has experienced 25x ROI by being able to leverage co-sell motions with its Microsoft partners. In collaboration with Microsoft’s Data & AI specialists and Azure Global Black Belts, Datometry delivers significantly faster data warehouse transformations for its buyers through Microsoft commercial marketplace. 

Partnering with Tackle to maintain its transactable status enables Datometry to maximize visibility with its partners’ field sellers. “Microsoft commercial marketplace offers a powerful and mutually beneficial community of co-sell partners,” Dan says.

By actively contributing to Microsoft commercial marketplace’s thriving co-sell ecosystem, Datometry keeps its customers happy and aligns with a key co-sell performance metric. “It just comes down to being the best partner we can to Microsoft, which enables us to create better and faster customer outcomes,” Dan says. “We simply don’t win without Microsoft and Tackle.”

“With immediate access to Marketplace transaction data, we are able to close our books in hours.”

Head of Microsoft Alliance, Datometry

Advice for Teams New to Microsoft commercial marketplace

Microsoft commercial marketplace can be a valuable sales mechanism, particularly when coupled with co-selling and the tiered incentives within Microsoft Marketplace Rewards. However, getting started by listing in any Cloud Marketplace presents time and engineering resource challenges.  Partnering with a third-party vendor like Tackle to launch a Marketplace listing can significantly ease the engineering burden on an organization, get your product to market faster to start generating revenue. The benefits to partnering with Tackle don’t stop at the listing creation, either. Tackle’s mission is to not only help sellers list on Marketplace, but to also provide support and automation for every digital sellers’ Cloud go-to-market motions.  Cloud Marketplaces frequently add new capabilities and change policies, often making it difficult for a seller to stay compliant. Regular check-ins with Tackle’s Marketplace experts as well as participating in various customer and industry-focused events will ensure that a seller is always up-to-date on Marketplace nuances and avoid revenue disruptions.  

Looking Ahead

As its Marketplace pipeline grows, Datometry,Tackle, and Microsoft continue to work together to optimize Datometry’s Cloud go-to-market strategy and drive new business through commercial marketplace. With Tackle’s support, Datometry is well positioned to serve the growing number of buyers buying third-party software through the Cloud.  “For both Datometry and Tackle, I believe we’re going to see more customers and partners adopt Marketplace who were once on the fence about it,” Dan says. “This makes it all the more valuable for us to lead with Marketplace as our preferred procurement vehicle and we will continue to do so.”
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About Datometry

Datometry is the leader in database system virtualization. Datometry’s technology frees enterprises from vendor lock-in on their on-premises database technology and accelerates any enterprise’s journey to the cloud. Datometry Hyper-Q empowers enterprises to run their existing applications directly on a cloud database of their choice without the need for costly and risk-laden database migrations. Leading Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide realize significant cost savings and out-innovate their competition with Datometry during this critical period of transformation to cloud-native data management. For more information, visit www.datometry.com.   *The MACC program allows enterprise customers to use their Microsoft cloud commitment to  purchase third-party software and services through a transactable listing in Microsoft commercial marketplace