AWS Marketplace

This is where it all began for Tackle, back in 2016. Since our inception, we’ve been the only company dedicated to helping ISVs increase their speed to driving revenue through the AWS Marketplace. Our team helps ISVs navigate the array of options available for listing and selling their software, and our Platform makes integrating products and reporting on Marketplace transactions a painless, engineering-free experience.

Tackle works with the AWS Marketplace

Tackle Upstream

How much spare time do your engineers have?

The fact is, without Tackle’s Upstream Platform, it takes time and effort from your engineering Teams to integrate with the Marketplace. We designed and built our Upstream Platform to Eliminate engineering time spent on building integrations and drastically reduce your products time To Marketplace. Tackle let’s you focus on building great products, while we focus on getting you listed and selling fast.

Tackle Upstream for AWS Marketplace Features

SaaS Product Support
AMI Product Support
Container Product Support
Machine Learning Product Support
Consumption Based Pricing
SalesForce Integration
Buyer Registration

Tackle Downstream

Run Your Marketplace Business Like Your Everyday Business

Let’s face it, Marketplace selling is different. Accounting for disbursements vs Purchase Orders is a new exercise for Finance and Business Operations teams. We built Tackle Downstream to make Life easier for AWS Marketplace Sellers. Downstream consolidates customer and transaction data and provides sellers with easy to understand reports that can easily be integrated with your Existing backend systems and processes

Tackle Downstream for AWS Marketplace Features

Reporting and Analytics
Easy Metering Capability
CSV Data Export
Buyer Management
APN Deal Registration Export
SaaS Metric Calculation
Contract Expiration Alerts

Additional AWS Marketplace Resources

Tackle can list your product in the AWS marketplace

Works with any listing type and any deployment model