Cloud GTM XP '24

Tackle’s annual event brings together the Cloud Providers and top industry leaders to exchange best practices and unite the B2B software community around driving revenue and operating efficiently through the clouds.

25 Speakers, Unlimited Insights

With two full days of sessions, there was something for everyone and every team involved in Cloud GTM.

Day One was filled with expert opinions and thoughts on the future of the industry, followed by actionable how-to sessions on Day Two covered everything from driving adoption to scaling your Cloud GTM strategy.

In case you missed it, check out the top sessions below.

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Top Sessions from Cloud GTM XP 2024

Mapping the Path to Revenue Transformation with Cloud GTM

Businesses will spend nearly $700M on cloud infrastructure and software this year alone. Tackle pioneered the world’s first Cloud GTM Platform to empower companies to capitalize on these cloud ecosystems and drive revenue. But what are the critical aspects of a successful Cloud GTM strategy? In this keynote session, Tackle CEO John Jahnke shares how people, process, and technology combine to help Tackle users identify the right buyers, grow cloud co-sell relationships, and transact efficiently at scale through the Cloud Marketplaces.

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What We’ve Learned from Processing $9B in Marketplace Transactions

Since Tackle’s inception, we’ve driven over $9B in Cloud Marketplace transactions and, as a result, have a deep understanding of the factors that inform how companies buy in the cloud. In this session, Tackle Founder and CTO Dillon Woods will explain how Tackle Prospect’s AI-driven “propensity to buy” model can immediately help your company reach the right customers, tap into committed cloud spend, and accelerate the co-sell sales cycle.

The Evolution of the Cloud GTM Ecosystem & What's Next

The cloud ecosystem is booming, as more companies scale their infrastructure, partnerships, and revenue through the hyperscaler Cloud Providers. Setting the right foundations and nailing the scale requires collaboration with highly seasoned experts. Tackle is proud to launch the first-of-its-kind Cloud GTM Ecosystem for ISVs, cloud services partners, channel partners, and technology leaders. Hear from our Chief Cloud Officer and get insights into the future of the cloud ecosystem from a few of our launch partners, including DoiT, Drata, G2, and World Wide Technology.

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From Launch to Scale: Tackle’s Cloud Maturity Model

Cloud GTM success requires a combination of people, process, technology, and cloud alliances, and it offers significant revenue opportunities for ISVs. Tackle created the Cloud GTM Maturity Model to help ISVs identify where they are on the path to scaling their co-sell and Marketplace strategies and the key actions to take to maximize value at each stage. In this session, get an overview of the model and how to use it.

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