Customer Testimonials

Learn why the top sellers in the AWS Marketplace trust Tackle

A Cloud Guru keeps growing at an exponential pace, but they didn't have the time or resources to dedicate towards piecing together all of the threads relating to their AWS Marketplace transactions. In combination with Tackle’s encyclopedic knowledge of the cloud marketplace, Tackle’s Downstream portal allowed A Cloud Guru to meet and surpass their desired goals of increasing speed to close, accuracy of transactions, and overall legibility of transactions on the AWS Marketplace.

PagerDuty saw the sea change in how software is sold, with corporations and enterprises looking to buy via the cloud instead of going through a lengthy sales process. While they wanted to be a part of this change, PagerDuty did not want to divert their resources away from building their core product to get their software onto the AWS Marketplace. That's where Tackle came in.

Auth0 had a tremendous opportunity from a large client who was ready to purchase. The problem: they wanted to do it via the AWS Marketplace, and Auth0 wasn't listed. Read how Tackle got them ready to transact in less than two weeks.

Unifi Software partnered with Tackle to quickly launch their Data Catalog on the AWS Marketplace and connect them with a large untapped pool of customers eager for simplified billing and deployment.

CloudSploit wanted to remain focused on being on the cutting edge of open source security software services, so instead of diverting their internal resources towards integrating with AWS Marketplace, they trusted the experts at Tackle to get them there.

Tackle and CyberArk worked together to come up with a marketplace solution that fit CyberArk’s existing business model and addressed the requirements of enterprise software deployments

Druva relies on Tackle to enable their listing in the AWS Marketplace. Tackle provides management and monitoring of the listing as well as enhanced reporting for all sales placed through their listing.

Grit Seed is 100% focused on connecting companies with eager candidates, but launching on AWS Marketplace was out of their scope of expertise. Tackle was there to help open the doors to new customers and a new way to sell.

New Relic partnered with Tackle to develop a holistic marketplace strategy that aligned their business model with the capabilities of the AWS Marketplace.

ParkMyCloud saw the potential in offering their product on the AWS Marketplace, but the effort would have been taxing on their time and resources that would be better utilized on their own product. Tackle was there to help.

zData wanted to utilize the new iSaaS listing type on GCP Marketplace, but were unsure of how to begin the process of building it out. The marketplace experts at Tackle were there to help.