Tackle Launches Knowledge Base for On-Demand Support and Quick Access to Help Resources

Knowledge Base is a new addition to a suite of support tools available to all Tackle customers conveniently located in the Tackle application.

At Tackle, we strive to be both a technology partner and a go-to-market resource for our customers. New Marketplace entrants enjoy personalized guidance and support during the listing process, while experienced sellers rely on our in-house experts for solutions in scaling Marketplace operations. The most successful Tackle customers take full advantage of everything that the Platform has to offer.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the Tackle Knowledge Base, an in-app tool designed to provide quick answers to common questions when you need them. To help celebrate the addition of Knowledge Base, we are highlighting five features that can help you navigate both the Tackle application and your Marketplace journey. 


1. Knowledge Base

Time is money and our new Knowledge Base enables customers to quickly find answers to common (or uncommon) questions precisely when they need them. Conveniently located within the Tackle application, end users can browse a library of articles and how-to guides created and maintained by our team of Marketplace Support Engineers. 

You can access Tackle Knowledge Base through the Help Center or visit support.tackle.io and log in with your Tackle username and password.


2. Smart Onboarding Tooltips

Smart Onboarding is a feature that simplifies the process of creating or updating a Marketplace listing. To make this process even easier, we have added in-app guidance in each stage of the listing process. Whether you’re creating your first listing or updating one of many, these tips will help you move through the process quickly.

At any stage in Smart Onboarding, if you’d like to go more in-depth, click the bar at the top of the page to visit the Tackle Academy or click on the tooltip for answers to frequently asked questions. 


3. Marketplace Meetups

A huge part of what makes Tackle successful is our thriving community of customers who share their best practices, tips, and tricks in a monthly networking event, Marketplace Meetups. These virtual events held on the second Wednesday of every month at 1:00pm EST, offer the opportunity to talk with peers on the same journey to scale revenue through Cloud Marketplaces.

Join your peers to discuss trending topics, network, and learn. Register for the next Meetup here.


4. Tackle Help Center

Help is never far away when you’re in the Tackle Platform. The Help Center is located in the bottom left corner of the Tackle application, offering one-click access to the Tackle Academy, Developer Hub, and the new Knowledge Base. It is also the best place to go if you need to submit a support ticket. Enter the problem you are experiencing for quick resolution by our support team and relevant Knowledge Base articles that may help to solve your problem on the spot.  

You can also see the latest release notes, and keep your team up to date on Tackle’s latest and greatest. 


5. Tackle’s State of Cloud Marketplaces Reports

Tackle’s resource center has a wealth of information, but our most downloaded assets are the State of Cloud Marketplaces reports. These reports feature unique data-driven content around buyer and seller adoption of Cloud Marketplaces and expert insights into the role of Marketplaces in the Cloud GTM. The 2022 report will be published in October. Join the 2022 State of Cloud Marketplaces webinar on October 26, 2022, as Tackle’s CEO John Jahnke and other guest speakers discuss shifts and trends, how sellers are succeeding, and predictions for the year ahead.

Want to see how Tackle customers benefit from these helpful tools? To learn more, schedule a demo today or check us out on AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, and Red Hat Marketplace.