Smart Onboarding & Listing Management

Get Listed Faster & Manage Listings Smarter

Feature Overview

Remove Friction & Speed Up Time-to-Value

Tackle has helped hundreds of software companies kick off their cloud commerce transformations, so we’ve seen first-hand the challenges organizations can face when getting started. We know speed to Marketplace is critical, which is why our optimized Smart Onboarding solution simplifies the listing process, provides fast access to Cloud Marketplace revenue channels, and ensures internal team alignment. Once you’re listed, Tackle maintains multiple API connections to the Cloud Providers, relieving product and engineering resources so they can focus on building products that delight your customers.

Getting to Marketplace Has Never Been Easier


By eliminating the friction that naturally comes with listing, Smart Onboarding reduces time-to-Marketplace so you can reach new buyers faster and start closing deals.


Minimize the back and forth and get to Marketplace faster with Smart Onboarding’s built-in collaboration capability, facilitating team alignment and communication across all stakeholders.


Scale your Cloud Marketplace channel without the heavy lifting — across multiple providers or with multiple products. Smart Onboarding handles it all, giving you the confidence to do it again and again.

See It in Action

See for yourself how quickly you can get listed and optimized on Cloud Marketplaces with Tackle’s Smart Onboarding & Listing Management.

Explore Smart Onboarding & Listing Management

Every team in your company benefits from Smart Onboarding since an inability to get started — due to lack of resources, inexperience, or simply being overwhelmed — can add months to your first Marketplace sale. Pair that with Tackle’s Listing Management capabilities, and you’ve set yourself up for success from the onset.

Go From Purchase to Poised in a Flash

Once your purchase is complete via one of the Marketplaces, Smart Onboarding kicks off without delay. That’s because we’ve integrated our purchase and onboarding experiences so there’s none of the typical back and forth required for getting started.

Let Us Hit the Ground Running for You

Granting Tackle instant account access lets us plug in to your Cloud Marketplaces and get to work for you. We’ll get you listed faster than you could alone, and bring you the Marketplace data, reports, and visibility you need — saving your team valuable time and resources.

Gather Details Your Way

So many details go into a Marketplace listing — all of which come from different individuals in different parts of your company. With Smart Onboarding, each functional department can independently provide their information directly to our platform, giving you the flexibility to complete documentation in any order — getting it done easier and you listed faster.

Do It the Right Way, Every Time

Tackle Listing Management doesn’t just give you a way to get your integrations going without any technical know-how, it also helps you manage, monitor, and update your listings in real-time, from one place. When you use Tackle, we also help with configuration, consult on pricing and packaging, and take care of registration page hosting — just to name a few.

Prevent Activity From Going Unnoticed

Your Marketplace sales process is an integral part of pushing deals through, which means all your teams need to understand how they’ll be notified in purchase events and what their role is in responding. Smart Onboarding helps you plan this out, including fully configurable notifications delivered the way you want

Get Real Answers From Real People

When you’re moving fast, you’re bound to have a question or two. In addition to giving you a virtual playbook for getting started, Tackle’s Marketplace Guides are standing by throughout the onboarding process — and beyond. Your Guide can help with demos, strategic direction, pricing and packaging guidance, sales enablement, and more.

Netskope Doubles QoQ Growth on AWS Marketplace with Tackle

The Netskope team invested resources and leveraged AWS partner, Tackle, to take advantage of our expertise and experience in optimizing business growth on AWS Marketplace.

2x Marketplace growth

in overall revenue growth

5x increase

and overall productivity of our sales operations team


trial channel partners with more confidence, reducing sales friction

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