Cloud Marketplace Innovation Updates

Tackle has built the software and processes to make it easy to sell your software in Cloud Marketplaces and leverage this new channel to drive significant revenue. Tackle’s Listing Management allows ISVs to get listed in Cloud Marketplaces lightning fast with no engineering resources required, while Tackle Marketplace Insights & Data Feeds provide the granular reporting that Finance and Operations teams need in order to operate in this new Cloud Marketplace economy. We’re constantly iterating on the Tackle platform based on customer feedback and best practices to make it easier and faster for you to transact. Going forward, you can expect to see continuous Cloud Marketplace innovation updates from us regarding new capabilities in the Tackle platform.

In this update, we’re excited to share some brand new functionality like real-time order notifications and metering as well as enhancements to existing features, like the new contract details view. Check it out!

Get real-time order notifications powered by Tackle’s Marketplace Notification Bus

As the Cloud Marketplaces expand, the complexity of notification management has increased exponentially. There are now many events to manage, such as purchases, upgrades, and cancellations, across multiple listing types. ISVs also have to monitor those events across multiple clouds. To add to the challenge, a wide array of stakeholders, Sales Ops, Sales, Alliances, and Revenue Executives, all want information in various ways and through different systems.

Enter the Tackle Marketplace Notification Bus. This foundational solution bridges that gap and allows ISVs to capture data in real-time, aggregate the data, and route information to the appropriate stakeholders and systems that help seamlessly scale your Cloud Marketplace business with confidence. The Marketplace Notification Bus is a key enabler of both Tackle’s Marketplace reporting platform and our customer integrations.

Now both the ISV and Cloud Providers can be notified in real-time through email, Slack or API (SMS notifications are coming soon) when an order is placed on any AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, or Google Cloud Marketplace listing managed by Tackle. At Tackle, we’ve integrated this with our company-wide Slack in a channel called #alerts so all team members can be notified when an order comes through and we can celebrate our success.

Evolve your business model towards consumption-based pricing with Easy Metering

As software companies have moved towards consumption-based business models there are more and more options for metering that are being created. We think it’s complicated enough to build metering inside your own product, let alone extend your metering system to support a Cloud Marketplace or (gulp) three Cloud Marketplaces. Tackle addressed this problem by creating a metering interface to turn metering into a business operations function instead of an engineering function that requires technical expertise and API integrations.

With Easy Metering, ISVs can instantly send metering records for an individual customer or a batch of customers at the same time. This makes it simple to facilitate overages, monthly true-ups, and percent-of-spend billing. There are also options to audit past metering events to see the amount and status. Now as your business evolves toward metered business models you’ll be enabled across all Cloud Marketplaces.

Easy Metering is now available across all three clouds: AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and GCP Marketplace.

Answer all your Cloud Marketplace transaction questions in one place with our new Contract Details View

Sales, finance, and business operations leaders need visibility to scale their business with Cloud Marketplaces. Tackle has enhanced our contract reporting and with that, we’ve developed a new contract details page to provide a fine-grained view of Cloud Marketplace contracts that make sense. Here you get answers to all the questions you need to answer about your Cloud Marketplace transactions.

Gain real-time visibility into every Marketplace sales order from quote to cash including custom events created by Tackle as well as those triggered by any Cloud Provider so you can administer sales comp plans based on this data. This enables a custom integration of marketplace contracts to opportunities in Salesforce or we can provide data from any other internal systems your organization uses so you can stop downloading manual reports and then tying everything together in spreadsheets.

The new contract details page is available for AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Marketplace.

Tackle is not just a software partner to ISVs, we run our business and drive our revenue using our technology to sell across these three Cloud Marketplaces. We are an early pioneer of running a company this way, so when we release these new features we are using them too and drinking our own champagne!

Questions about our latest updates? Let us know! The Tackle team is here to build a platform that our customers love and are excited to use and we want to hear from you.

Want to see any of these features in action? Contact your Tackle Guide with any questions. If you’re not yet a Tackle customer, schedule a demo today or check us out on AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

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