Create Future Dated Agreements (FDAs) in AWS Marketplace with Tackle

With the release of AWS’ Future Dated Agreements (FDAs), Tackle is innovating alongside AWS to bring flexibility to ISVs and their Marketplace operations by giving you control over when a deal gets booked and the scheduling of future invoices.

You can now pre-book purchases by specifying a future start date and end date as part of the private offer creation process. FDAs can also increase your renewal rate by better aligning your renewal pipeline with your customers’ AWS budgets and the delivery of your software. 

This functionality gives buyers and sellers more control over how they can transact through AWS Marketplace. 

Creating an FDA from Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform is as easy as selecting the ‘Future dated’ billing term option and including your desired start and end dates for the contract when creating a private offer.

To learn more about creating private offers through Tackle, visit Tackle Docs.

Happy selling!