2021 Tackle Product Roadmap: That's a Wrap!

This year was one for the books at Tackle! We closed a Series B funding round, added hundreds of new customers and lots of new Tacklers. We set some lofty goals for 2021, especially when it came to developing the Tackle application. Our objectives were to help sellers sell and meet their buyers where they want to buy, improve Marketplace transaction visibility, and support high volume sellers to automate their processes. The team will celebrate this progress over the holiday season and rest up for an even more exciting year of development in 2022.

Helping Sellers Sell

First and foremost, the team dedicated lots of resources and hours to help our ISV customers improve Marketplace sales productivity. With input from customers and partners, we prioritized the seller workflow, looking for ways to simplify the Private Offer process.

Tackle Offers & Salesforce Connector

We relaunched Tackle Offers, the centerpiece of our seller workflow designed to reduce the number of steps needed to complete a Private Offer. In addition to an improved workflow, Tackle Offers also ensures that sellers and their stakeholders have deal visibility at every stage with automated, real-time notifications.

For AWS sellers, this launch included the ability to create Private Offers within the user-friendly Tackle interface and push them to AWS, eliminating manual data entry, improving accuracy, and getting the offers out faster. Then we added a Salesforce Connector, further streamlining the seller workflow by pushing opportunity data from SFDC into the Tackle application.

Red Hat Marketplace

An exciting new partnership with IBM brought a fourth Marketplace to the Tackle portfolio. Now Tackle customers can expand their buyer reach with an additional listing on Red Hat Marketplace. Look for many growth opportunities as Tackle’s Red Hat Marketplace offering continues to develop over 2022.

Marketplace Success

Seller enablement has always been a vital part of the Tackle value, as we aim to be both a technology partner and go-to-market resource for our customers. With regular Office Hours, monthly webinars with stories from your peers, and this year’s inaugural Marketplace Seller’s Experience event, Tackle shares Marketplace experiences in a variety of formats to satisfy any style of learning. We look forward to launching in-product support tools and easy access to the upcoming Tackle Academy for in-depth courses that help sellers uplevel their Marketplace game.

Improved Marketplace Transaction Visibility

The Tackle Product team also spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the Marketplace revenue reconciliation process easier for finance teams. We released several new features that offer enhanced visibility into invoices and disbursements.

  • Currently available for AWS and GCP, the Invoicing and Disbursement APIs consolidate data from multiple Marketplaces and make it programmatically accessible.
  • Improvements to Data Feeds help Finance teams easily visualize and report on payment status for AWS orders.
  • Data Feeds now clearly displays uncollected funds for AWS so you can see which customers haven’t paid an invoice and how overdue they are. 

Automate Marketplace Operations for Scale

As you start to scale Marketplace transactions, we know first-hand how important it is to automate processes and simplify the workflows for sellers. This summer, we launched a Developer Hub centralizing access to Tackle’s powerful APIs, flexible webhook options, and documentation on our growing list of Connectors. The Developer Hub includes all the low-code and no-code tools you need to:

  • Automate steps of your Marketplace sales and provisioning workflows.
  • Streamline opportunity management in Salesforce or other CRM by updating the record based on a new order notification.
  • Utilize our Metering API to simplify the usage-based billing process enabling finance and accounting teams to true up any overages at a cadence that aligns with your business.

What to expect in 2022

In this year’s State of the Cloud Marketplace Report, Tackle’s leadership team boldly predicted that Cloud Marketplaces will exceed $10B in throughput by the end of 2023 and $50B by the end of 2025. We are focused on building a world-class product and engineering team to meet this anticipated demand.

A couple of additional learnings from this report include the increased focus on multi-cloud Marketplace GTMs and the seller’s strong affinity for Private Offers. We will continue to build on the seller’s experience as we aim to streamline the workflow between co-sell systems and the Marketplaces. Another key objective for 2022 is to help our sellers scale their business on multiple clouds to open up new revenue channels, increase productivity, and improve business processes.

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