Scale Marketplace and Co-sell Operations Inside of Salesforce with the Tackle Cloud GTM Platform

Marketplacing and co-selling with the clouds is on fire! In the first half of the year, Tackle has seen dollars flowing through the clouds increase greater than 100% year over year and we have seen private offer count increase nearly 120% year over year

The 100% implies we are seeing even more acceleration in revenue flowing through the clouds and the 120% offer growth highlights a movement of not just large private offers but more bottoms-up transactions.

We believe we are still in the early days of the Cloud GTM movement but both of these statistics highlight early majority hypergrowth that we believe will endure for years to come. Further, the increasing diversity of Cloud Marketplace catalogs beyond infrastructure to business applications and solutions for vertical industries are attracting a diverse group of enterprise buyers which is turning all Cloud Marketplaces into the app stores of the enterprise.  


Tackle Innovations

With this hypergrowth comes complexity for ISVs and we continue to innovate on Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform to eliminate this complexity and allow you to focus on the outcome you care about: selling with and through the clouds.

A demo is worth 1,000 words. If you want to see our Cloud GTM Platform in action end-to-end in Salesforce, watch this 3-minute video.

Tackle is the only Platform that brings together cloud buyer intent data, co-sell automation, and Marketplace capabilities into a single unified solution available in both Tackle’s Platform and Salesforce.

 We released our co-sell capabilities late last year and have seen a 10x increase in adoption over the last 3 months. All new Tackle customers are starting with the full Cloud GTM stack from day one including cloud buyer intent data to inform their GTM, tools to enable seamless co-selling with the Cloud Providers, Marketplace capabilities from listing to execution of deals inside of Salesforce or the Tackle Platform, and reporting for finance and sales ops.


The Market Shift for Cloud GTM

The market is maturing and with this we are seeing a shift of ISVs moving past the incubation and early adopter phases of getting a Marketplace listing into the scaling phase of driving Cloud GTM as a differentiated route to market. 

In our 2022 State of Cloud Marketplaces Report, we heard that ISVs expect 10% of their revenue to flow through the clouds this year, and we are seeing cloud native ISVs far exceed these percentages. With this level of scale, the requirements, complexity, and ownership of Cloud GTM changes. This is no longer an experiment led by a single team, historically owned in partnerships / alliances teams—it’s a cross-functional go-to-market initiative that requires strategic alignment across the C-Suite and requiring strategy, enterprise software, and support to manage. 

A New Era: Co-Sell + Marketplace

Co-selling and Marketplacing with the clouds are two sides of the same coin and if you want to be successful with Cloud GTM automation at scale, you can no longer view them as isolated processes or having distinct solutions to enable them.  

Scaling customers are frustrated with the amount of human work required to execute on hundreds to thousands of co-sell submissions and offers. Doing this requires either a significant investment in people to manage these processes or building out specialized software capabilities that are not likely the core competency of the ISV.

For high-growth ISVs, private offer and co-sell automation is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. We have spent the last two years evolving our Platform to include both co-sell automation and Marketplace offer automation and are delivering both of these at scale via the Tackle Cloud GTM Platform as well as integrated capabilities inside of Salesforce for scaling sellers.

The voice that matters most is the voice of the customer, and our customers are finding great value in our expanded capabilities: 

“We are automating the co-sell management process with AWS by leveraging Tackle Co-Sell inside of Salesforce,” said Mike Mason, Regional Sales Director, Varonis. “This has significantly decreased the time we spend managing opportunities and allows us to focus our time helping our sellers win with AWS.” 

Francois Grenier, Head of Partnerships at Thoropass, said, “Tackle has helped bring our co-sell and AWS Marketplace motions together and streamline that into Salesforce. We’ve eliminated many manual processes, have direct integrations with the AWS Partner Network (APN) Customer Engagement (ACE) Program, and have customized it to our direct selling motion. Now our revenue, operations, and alliance teams can operate faster to accelerate and close deals.”


So, why Tackle for your Cloud GTM?

  1. No compression algorithm for success: We have pioneered the Cloud GTM space, we have the largest team across product and customer success, and we are backed by world-class investors. We are THE Cloud GTM company. 
  2. Our customer’s success is our success: We have worked with hundreds of ISVs of all shapes and sizes from the largest revenue and transaction customers in the world to early startups launching their business Cloud GTM native. Check out what they have to say.
  3. The only end-to-end solution: We are the only unified Platform for Marketplace and co-sell powered by data that can inform and accelerate your growth with the clouds.
  4. We support all teams in the systems where they spend their time: Alliance Leaders, Sales Ops, Finance, Revenue Leaders, Sellers, and Product teams can run their Cloud GTM business through the Tackle Cloud GTM Platform or Salesforce. 
  5. Accelerate time-to-value: Using cloud buyer intent data to analyze your pipeline, we can start building your Cloud GTM strategy and provide actionable insights in 1 day. 
  6. Enterprise support: When you are running 10% of your revenue through a new channel, you need enterprise support and security for your enterprise Cloud GTM strategy. Tackle has this covered.
  7. Strategic Services to support all needs: Achieving a successful Cloud GTM strategy is more than just a Platform, it requires a balance of people, process, and technology. Tackle offers a full suite of services including Advisory Workshops, Cloud GTM Coaches, and Co-Sell Managed Services to help customers at all phases of their journey.

If you want to learn more, sign up for one of our Tackle Platform overview calls and we can route you to the right place to get started.

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