Innovation in Action: Tackle’s 2024 Cloud GTM Awards 

Tackle celebrates the organizations that have excelled at Cloud GTM

Building a successful Cloud GTM is a special kind of business alchemy: it takes a well-orchestrated strategy, dedicated people across the organization, the right tools and technology — and plenty of innovation.    

This year’s Cloud GTM Awards celebrates the innovators—Tackle customers who have pushed boundaries, spurred momentum, and ultimately unlocked a new route to market through the clouds. The awards spotlight companies in 4 different categories, recognizing multiple departments and organizations of all sizes and industries. 

Here’s a rundown of the winners for 2024:


Rookie of the Year: G2

This company is brand new to Cloud GTM and is already making big splashes. Their team is putting the pieces together, getting internal buy-in, and looking forward to a bright future.

G2 has been partnering with Tackle for just under a year to accelerate their Cloud GTM strategy. They knew early on that creating an internal behavior change to sell through a new channel would be a challenge. The Tackle Platform, G2’s Cloud GTM Coach, and advisory workshops helped G2 build a successful framework quickly. In just 5 months after getting listed, G2 was accepted into key Cloud Partner programs and has influenced 50% more revenue than anticipated.

Star Players: Natalie Smiley, Senior Manager, Partnerships + Alliances at G2 and Damon Yee, Cloud Alliance Lead at G2

Runner Up: EnterpriseDB

Cloud GTM Connector: Arctic Wolf

This award celebrates the company that has brought all the right stakeholders to its Cloud GTM initiatives and connected the dots to create and drive forward a solid business initiative.

In its second year as a Tackle customer, Arctic Wolf, the leader in Security Operations, successfully achieved buy-in and cross-functional organization with its all-in approach to Cloud GTM. Arctic Wolf has several dedicated resources aligned to this initiative, including executive stakeholders, operational leads, several alliance members focusing on specific geographies, channel reps, marketing team members, and account executives. Bringing full-team engagement from across the organization has allowed Arctic Wolf to unlock new levels of growth. 

Star Player: Sean Phillips, Director of Alliances at Arctic Wolf

Runner Up: Red Hat


Cloud GTM Wizard: Starburst

This award recognizes a Tackle customer that’s crushing Cloud go-to-market operations. This company identifies the right buyers, leverages cloud relationships & automation for co-sell, and accelerates deals through Marketplace.

A few years into its Cloud GTM motion, Starburst, the open data lakehouse company, has learned the ins and outs of selling to, with, and through all three of the hyperscaler Cloud Providers. Their focus on sales enablement and optimizing operations has allowed them to fully integrate cloud into their sales cycle and expand their partnerships with the clouds. Starburst has also integrated Tackle’s Salesforce application and co-sell managed services to unlock the ability for its sales teams to manage buyer intelligence, co-sell automation, and private offer processing. 

Star Player: Boone Quesnel, Head of WW Cloud Alliances at Starburst

Runner Up: Thoughtspot


Cloud GTM Maverick: Teradata

This award toasts the company that is disrupting the norm and contributing a significant piece of their total ARR through Cloud GTM.

Teradata has been running its Cloud GTM since 2016 and has made significant gains in its contribution to total revenue. The team has successfully integrated Cloud GTM into it’s go-to-market motion across all three hyperscalers. Their ability to get full team buy-in, build and optimize operations, engage their sales team, and make the most of their partnership with the clouds has unlocked new levels of growth for Teradata. 

Star Players: Michael Mantis, Cloud Marketplace Specialist at Teradata and Laurie Byrley, Business Ops Analyst at Teradata

Runner Up: Wiz


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