July Cloud Marketplace Innovation Updates: Marketplace Data Feeds and Email Order Notifications!

Tackle built the software and processes to make it easy to sell your software in Cloud Marketplaces and leverage this new channel to drive significant revenue. We’re continually innovating on our Cloud Marketplace Platform based on customer feedback to make it easier to manage your cloud software business. In this month’s update, we’re excited to share some new Tackle features: Marketplace Data Feeds and Email Order Notifications to provide additional visibility into your Marketplace transactions and data. Check them out!

See all your Marketplace reports in one place

With the release of Marketplace Data Feeds for AWS Marketplace and GCP Marketplace, there’s no need to download multiple reports as CSVs from the AWS or GCP portal to display raw reporting data. Now, sellers and finance and ops teams can log in to Tackle and see all their reports in one unified dashboard.

Leverage these reports to understand details about Marketplace orders, customers, fees, and revenue. Reports include daily business reports, monthly revenue reports, charges and usage, and disbursements. You can even filter by product listing or by date to get a better picture of what’s going on with Marketplace transactions and export reports.

If you want to turn this feature on, please contact support@tackle.io.

Get email visibility into all transactions

We know that instant visibility into Marketplace transactions is critical for Tackle customers. That’s why we’ve added an extra layer of communication with the enhancement of Email Order Notifications to provide in-depth information whenever any Marketplace activity occurs.

These emails contain unique subject lines for easy identification, the ability to see what Marketplace the activity relates to immediately, and additional links to quickly access registration forms and contracts. There’s now a vast amount of buyer, order, and product identifiers in the emails to promptly answer any question your team may have. You’ll find these new emails across all three Marketplaces for items such as Order Modification, Renewal, Cancellation, Incomplete Order, and more. Between the Tackle platform, email notifications, and Slack notifications, you’ll always have the order details you need.

In addition, Private Offer Acceleration buyer purchase instructions can now be sent from the Marketplace seller’s company email address so that buyers trust the source of the emails and can quickly act on the offer. Utilizing this feature also enables all email replies to go directly to the software provider for faster responses on clarifying questions or requests to update the Private Offer from the buyer.

Questions about our latest updates?

Let us know! The Tackle team is here to build a platform that our customers love and are excited to use, and we want to hear from you. Contact your Tackle Guide (support@tackle.io) with any questions.

Want to see any of these features in action?

If you’re not yet a Tackle customer, schedule a demo today or check us out on AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

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