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Confidently Launch Your Cloud Marketplace Strategy and Sell Faster with Tackle’s Smart Onboarding

Over the last year, we’ve helped more than 100 software companies kickoff their cloud commerce transformations via the Cloud Marketplaces. Our platform provides an easy entry point for software companies who are ready to start selling in the Cloud Marketplaces; however, we’ve realized many organizations don’t have a solid foundation for what’s needed to build these new channels for revenue.

Our Customer Success team has partnered with software providers to drive alignment across a variety of cross-functional stakeholders to build viable Cloud Marketplace strategies – working through Sales, Marketing, Product, Pricing, Legal, Finance, Business Operations, and Customer Success. Through these interactions, we began to see some consistent patterns in how we could streamline and enhance the various Marketplace onboarding experiences. Based upon this work and our continued exposure to feedback from our customers, we are excited to announce the launch of Tackle Smart Onboarding.


Marketplace requires a cross-functional group of stakeholders to align and execute a strategy to kick off the channel successfully. This alignment requires significant communication (via a variety of mediums) which can slow down the process of getting the channel launched. When a buyer requests to make a purchase via a Cloud Marketplace, they expect immediate response and fulfillment. Delays can add significant risk to deal cycles. At the same time, cross-functional collaboration is required to ensure alignment on the listing details, pricing, notification management, license agreements, etc. Smart Onboarding accelerates the time it takes to get ISVs to their desired outcome of selling on Cloud Marketplaces.


We’re still in the early days of the adoption of Cloud Marketplaces, and of those ISVs who are listed, most have only listed a small percentage of their available offerings. As buyer demand increases, streamlining “Time-to-Marketplace” will be a high priority for each Software Provider. Cloud Providers are creating incentives for buyers and sellers to purchase and sell via the Marketplaces, and Smart Onboarding aims to remove any friction ISVs face trying to list and initiate selling for multiple products and to go through the onboarding process with multiple Cloud Providers.


As we’ve partnered with ISV’s through the various Marketplace onboarding processes, we observed that individual stakeholders weren’t aligned on priorities, and many groups were unclear of the work they needed to do to support the process. For example, teams would spend time waiting on Exec approval on pricing, or they had not looped legal in to approve the EULA, and these oversights would slow down the progress of getting listed. Onboarding was adding latency for Tackle and shifted our attention away from strategy, pricing and packaging and ensuring ISVs were enabled to sell. Tackle Smart Onboarding was built to ensure less time is spent chasing tactical teams and attempting to solve internal alignment issues. As a result, everyone can focus on confidently scaling the Cloud Marketplace channel, and sellers can start selling faster on Marketplace.

How Smart Onboarding Works to Remove Friction and Speed Up Time-to-Value

Integrate the purchase experience with the onboarding experience

Tackle Smart Onboarding kicks off as soon as you purchase Tackle via the AWS Marketplace. Previously you would kick off the onboarding process via email, and this would take place over multiple meetings. Now, everything gets started immediately after purchase by completing a simple form. Pretty seamless, right? Sellers want to be able to start selling faster in AWS Marketplace, and Smart Onboarding removes these barriers.

Instantly authorize Tackle to manage your AWS Marketplace Account

Post-purchase, follow the easy step-by-step process to set up your AWS Marketplace account to authorize Tackle users to track your contracts, listings, disbursements, and metering.



This eliminates the process of filling out static forms, spreadsheets or emailing back and forth with your Tackle Marketplace Guides to set up the account and grant user roles. Everything is done in one place and saved in Tackle’s system, saving valuable time and resources for your team.

Customize all your listing details in one place

There are many details that need to be gathered to create a Marketplace listing, which means collecting information from different departments in your organization. Smart Onboarding simplifies this process and breaks down the configuration form into easy to understand sections that can be completed in any order to accelerate the time to go-live.



Let each functional department provide their relevant pieces of required information and save time internally going back and forth on communication. Each section includes an overview of what is needed and entries are validated instantly.

Build a notification system that aligns to your business

It’s crucial that when you kickoff your Cloud Marketplace strategy, you’ve created a sales process that aligns with your Customer Success, Marketing, Legal, Finance, and Operations team. Everyone needs to understand how deals will come in, how you’ll get notified about different purchase events, and what happens if someone cancels or modifies a contract. All of this process is developed during Smart Onboarding to ensure it’s a seamless and integrated experience for you and your buyer.

And while streamlining any process is great, you’re never going to be flying solo. If there are questions or areas where you need additional support or guidance, our Tackle Marketplace Guides are always engaged to help out.

Currently, Smart Onboarding is available for new ISVs purchasing Tackle entitlements from AWS Marketplace. Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Marketplace support will be coming soon.

Want to see Smart Onboarding in action? Contact your Tackle Guide with any questions. If you’re not yet a Tackle customer, schedule a demo today or check us out on AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.