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Why Tackle

zData wanted to utilize the new iSaaS listing type on GCP Marketplace, but were unsure of how to begin the process of building it out. The marketplace experts at Tackle were there to help.

Key Outcomes

  • Tackle helped navigate the details of creating zData's listing on GCP while zData could focus on their core business.
  • Tackle enabled zData to sell their unique services through GCP's iSaaS listing type.
  • zData landed a large transaction through GCP Marketplace within 10 days of going live
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ZData Partners with to Launch Cloud Enablement Services on GCP Marketplace

Expertise: a powerfully useful trait that is rare to find. In the world of Big Data consulting and cloud solutions, ZData has expertise in spades.

ZData employs a range of experts across many different technology fields, from data scientists to engineers, that provide valuable input to solve challenging issues in Big Data. These specialists provide guidance in business insights and analytics, advanced engineering, and diverse problem solving from individuals at the top 5 consulting firms in the world. Companies lacking expertise in Big Data can hire ZData to drive solutions and solve problems using the accumulated knowledge of their employees. In short, when you don’t have the knowledge but require the expertise - Zdata has you covered.

“Our goal is to enable customers that do not have a data footprint to become a big data company themselves, ” says Shawn Hall, Director of Devops and Managed Services for ZData.

With the 2017 acquisition by Atos, Zdata inherited a premier partnership with Google and GCP, leading to an expansion of their cloud presence. This expansion into the cloud naturally led to a desire to sell their services through GCP Marketplace instead of relying purely on direct sales. ZData aimed to make their service available through GCP because of the increasing amount of customers looking to procure through the platform, but GCP was still young and didn’t yet support the type of product ZData was looking to sell. That is, until now.

A Game Changer on GCP

When the announcement came that GCP was adding a new transactable integrated SaaS listing type, ZData was thrilled to finally be able to sell their services and solutions through the platform.

However, with new opportunities come new challenges. The new iSaaS listing type brought with it many unknown factors in how specifically to build and integrate their product into GCP marketplace. ZData knew what they wanted the end result to look like, but had a lot of uncertainty on how to achieve it. “One of the big challenges was that it had never been done before, so we didn’t know how. How do you productize and package human capital as a service? How do you sell a cloud engineer, what does that look like, how much does that cost, and how do you make it a viable solution for a company needing services?” said Hall.

Experts Helping Experts

In order to help make sense of the options they had available to them though GCP Marketplace, ZData enlisted the help of another expert: Tackle. zData was referred to Tackle by GCP and quickly realized that Tackle’s marketplace knowledge would make them a valuable and strategic partner to help implement this innovative listing type.

When trying to launch similar listings, other companies had often found insurmountable roadblocks that stood in their way when trying to go it alone. However, with the experts at Tackle working on their behalf, ZData was able to avoid obstacles that left others puzzled. They could focus on continuing to build their core products and nurture their relationships with customers new and old, trusting Tackle to deliver their listing on GCP Marketplace.

Expertise Shines Through

The time and effort saved by utilizing Tackle to go live on GCP Marketplace has already paid dividends for ZData; they had their first 5-figure transaction on GCP within 10 days of going live on their new platform. Google customers have already recognized the unique solution that ZData brings to the table for their Big Data projects, allowing ZData to grow their user base and product awareness beyond what was possible through direct sales alone. As said by Hall, “When you go out to GCP and buy through Zdata, now you can aquire a cloud engineer that knows how to roll out GCP solutions or a data engineer that knows how to roll out Big Data or Big Query projects, which is unique to the marketplace and unique in the industry. I don’t think you can do that anywhere else.” Tackle exists to bridge the gap and enable companies like ZData to maximize their reach without burdening their internal teams with integration. When experts trust other experts to help achieve their goals together, everyone benefits: customers, ISVs, and cloud marketplaces in general.

"At first, we were worried about meeting our customer's speedy deadline but we partnered with Tackle and used their platform to list quickly and processed our first order within 10 days of going live."

Dan Feldhusen, President and CEO of zData