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Why Tackle

Grit Seed is 100% focused on connecting companies with eager candidates, but launching on AWS Marketplace was out of their scope of expertise. Tackle was there to help open the doors to new customers and a new way to sell.

Key Outcomes

  • Tackle's software and expertise helped sherpa Grit Seed through every aspect of the AWS Marketplace onboarding process
  • Tackle's efforts allowed Grit Seed to focus on building their core product instead of diverting their efforts towards building and maintaining marketplace integrations
  • Tackle quickly connected Grit Seed to the thousands of potential customers in the AWS Marketplace community as one of the first HR focused SaaS platforms
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Grit Seed Partners with to Launch Their Talent Sourcing Software on AWS Marketplace

What does it mean to have grit in today’s economy? Traditionally, we think of grit as fortitude and determination to persevere in the face of any challenge. While many people in today’s workforce exemplify that strength of character to meet difficult challenges head on, the opportunity to use their grit to excel within the shifting career landscape hasn’t presented itself. Sometimes they’re in a shrinking industry without the resources to make a switch, and sometimes they just don’t know where to begin. But none of those things change the fact that these workers are ready to learn and succeed in today’s tech economy. Grit Seed takes that ambitious spirit and puts it to work for their clients through their innovative SaaS recruitment platform.

Grit Seed’s mission is to find people that may not have a degree in engineering or computer science, but they display the technical aptitude to learn quickly and turn their drive into technical skill. They’ve turned people from manual laborers and service industry workers into highly capable technical wizards, capable of working in QA and other essential work required by cutting edge companies. They do this through their unique platform that connects applicants with their hiring customers. Their customers can programmatically and repeatedly vet candidates with aptitude tests and questionnaires, greatly reducing the need for individual interviews and requiring a bespoke effort for every applicant. This isn’t just for tech jobs either. Grit Seed has solutions to find great candidates for sales and customer success positions as well, and those candidates are more likely to stay longer after hiring and being given the opportunity to show their grit.

“These are people that may not have the most perfect resume and what we do with Grit Seed is we give them the option to represent themselves better as to why they are the right fit for the job,” said Raj Suchak, head of Customer Experience at Grit Seed. “We give them the option to make videos, write code, offer them some respondent questions, solve sudoku problems, brainteasers… And in doing so, these candidates show their commitment, their interest in the job, their resiliency and their hunger.”

Grit Meets Expertise

The idea of showing your drive and tenacity is inherent to the culture of Grit Seed itself. As a relatively small team, they put a lot of effort into making sure their SaaS platform is available to as many interested customers as possible, which in the tech world means one thing: listing your product on cloud marketplace. AWS Marketplace is quickly becoming the go-to route for software procurement for Enterprise customers, with its simplified billing and easy one-click deployment. With hundreds of thousands of registered buyers, , AWS Marketplace presents a massive opportunity for Grit Seed to stake their claim as one of the first companies available for purchase in the Human Resources category. However, being a small company solely focused on their product and their customers came with some challenges that even a deep well of grit couldn’t push them through. The technical component required to onboard their product onto AWS Marketplace, as well as the knowledge about the nuances that make the channel unique, were just out of reach for the team at Grit Seed. So when it came time to pull the trigger on their AWS Marketplace efforts, they went with the experts at to get them there quickly and with the confidence to take complete control of this new sales avenue.

Suchak says, “It’s a very important channel for us. We’re a small company; we are trying to get off the ground. So we really want to invest in this channel. We believe that working closely with AWS and working closely with the customers that use AWS, we can show that our model works for companies that are open to hiring through this new channel. I met with [Tackle] and it was a really positive meeting. WIth their expertise and knowledge, we knew we could get it done quickly and efficiently. ”

Upstream to the Rescue

Through Tackle’s Upstream SaaS listing and enablement platform,, Tackle turned what would have been a 6-8 month process for Grit Seed’s development team down to days. Additionally, now Grit Seed doesn’t have to worry about missing new marketplace updates or API changes. The Tackle Upstream platform takes care of it with zero impact to their engineering team’s roadmap. Upstream makes marketplace sales just as frictionless, with hosted custom registration pages that capture a wealth of data that a standard purchase does not. Tackle backs its incredible platform with marketplace expertise that is second to none, giving customers like Grit Seed the tools and knowledge to take full advantage of AWS Marketplace as the sales channel of the future.

“Frankly, we didn’t know anything about AWS Marketplace and Tackle really helped us create our posting, guided us on the best practices, and gave us a few suggestions to make and we are starting to see the results of people getting back to us and seeing AWS Marketplace working out for us,” said Suchak. “We worked closely with [Tackle] on a regular basis during the listing process. We had a weekly call set up; we had a collaborative document that we built together to make sure we stayed on our timeline: it was a very prescribed process when it came to the information that they needed from us and what we needed from them.”

With Grit, Good Becomes Great

Grit Seed’s goal is to open doors for determined workers who are looking to prove themselves, and open up an untapped pool of talent for growing companies to connect with. Tackle shares that goal when it comes to opening doors for ISVs to sell on AWS Marketplace, and opening up an untapped pool of software vendors for companies of all sizes to build out a suite of software for their business quickly and easily.

“We are hoping that by leveraging [AWS] Marketplace, it will make it easier for companies already using the product, using AWS as a platform and feel a need for AWS talent and show them that they can find people like that,” says Suchak. With Tackle Upstream, Tackle has opened the door to AWS Marketplace for Grit Seed, letting them focus their drive on doing what they were built for: giving those with grit a chance to be great. “

"Frankly, we didn’t know anything about AWS Marketplace and Tackle really helped us create our posting, guided us on the best practices, and gave us a few suggestions to make and we are starting to see the results of people getting back to us and seeing AWS Marketplace working out for us."

Raj Suchak, Head of Customer Experience at Grit Seed