Introducing Red Hat Marketplace for Tackle

Here at Tackle, our mission has always been to help our ISV customers meet their buyers where they want to buy. As more and more buyers are turning towards a Cloud Marketplace procurement strategy, we are seeing a growing number of ISVs come to Tackle for help in starting and scaling their digital sales journey. So, when opportunities around Red Hat Marketplace and IBM more broadly came knocking, we took notice. Not only was IBM interested in collaborating with Tackle to take its market-leading solutions like Turbonomic and IBM Cloud Paks to the AWS, Azure, and GCP Marketplaces, but a growing number of Tackle customers were expressing interest in expanding their customer reach through the Red Hat Marketplace, operated by IBM. 

Today we are proud to announce our collaboration with IBM including our support for Red Hat Marketplace through Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Platform. With the addition of a Red Hat Marketplace listing, sellers can tap into a new enterprise market of buyers, enabling them to take advantage of all the benefits of Red Hat Marketplace procurement, including accelerated deal velocity and co-sell opportunities. 

For Tackle customers aligning a go-to-market motion with IBM and Red Hat, they can expect the same smooth onboarding experience, simplified seller workflows, metering capabilities, and visibility into Red Hat Marketplace transactions that they benefit from today. Our team will also provide domain expertise on Red Hat Marketplace to enable sellers to sell confidently, offering live and on-demand enablement and support.

IBM has been at the forefront of many technology revolutions, and at Tackle, we are thrilled to be teaming with them in their journey to help buyers and sellers transform the way software is discovered and procured.

What is Red Hat Marketplace?

Red Hat Marketplace is an open Cloud Marketplace for enterprise customers to discover, try, purchase, deploy, and manage software across environments—public and private cloud and on-premises. Red Hat Marketplace features a growing catalog of software that has been certified on Red Hat OpenShift and SaaS applications, and the Red Hat Marketplace will soon be expanding with additional types of software. With deployment options including pure SaaS and hybrid models along with multiple commerce options, Red Hat Marketplace offers flexibility. Enterprises can purchase software through Red Hat Marketplace and deploy where they choose in their hybrid infrastructure. With many options to consider, Tackle will work with your team to map out a packaging and pricing strategy drawing on our first-hand experience.

What are the listing requirements?

Becoming a Red Hat Marketplace ISV is simple with Tackle by your side. There are, however, a few requirements to consider, including:

  • Offer continuous technical support for your product.
  • Choose a pricing model from Red Hat Marketplace’s options, including subscription, usage-based, pay as you go, and free trials.
  • Choose a delivery method for your product edition.                     

What kind of co-selling experience can I expect from Red Hat Marketplace?

Red Hat Marketplace has a dedicated sales team focused on and compensated fully on co-selling third-party software with its ISV partners. Having recently launched the Partner Go-To-Market Hub, Red Hat Marketplace is building on its partner enablement experience with online resources and a centralized portal for co-seller communications and documentation.

Tackle for Red Hat Marketplace is now available to all ISVs interested in joining the growing Red Hat Marketplace ecosystem while streamlining their Red Hat Marketplace operations on the Tackle Platform. 

Learn more about Tackle for Red Hat Marketplace

To learn more about listing on Red Hat Marketplace and how Tackle helps, join us for Office Hours on October 28 at 1pm EST. Leaders from Red Hat Marketplace and Tackle will provide more details about this offering and answer any questions you may have. 

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