Private Offer Enhancements Put AWS Marketplace Sellers on a Faster Path to Closed Won

Plus, a sneak peek at Tackle’s upcoming Salesforce Connector for Private Offers.

As Cloud Marketplaces continue to set growth records and our customers find success in this new channel, we are constantly working on new ways to help sellers sell at scale. With this in mind, our product team is laser-focused on simplifying the cloud transaction workflow. From quote to cash, we build with the seller in mind, helping ISVs adopt this new and growing channel without disrupting their ability to close deals, recognize revenue, and co-sell with their Marketplace partners. 

Private Offers are a great way to replicate the B2B direct sales approach, offering custom pricing and terms to their buyers while simplifying the procurement process. As Marketplace adoption continues to grow, sellers are looking for a simplified Private Offer workflow that supports digital selling at scale. They need end-to-end visibility into their buyer’s Private Offer experience while operations and finance teams are concerned with sales productivity and the ability to recognize Marketplace revenue as this channel becomes a vital part of their go-to-market strategy.

Tackle Offers (previously known as Private Offer Acceleration) is the centerpiece of our simplified seller workflow. Designed to address all of these concerns and more, Tackle Offers ensures deal visibility at every stage, improved seller workflow, and coming soon, a standard Salesforce Connector to further automate Private Offer data inputs. 

New for AWS Sellers – Now Available! 

AWS sellers can create Private Offers within the user-friendly Tackle interface and push them to AWS. This new capability eliminates redundant data entry, improves accuracy, and gets the offer out faster. Customers with access to Tackle Offers will be able to start using this feature in the coming weeks.


Additional benefits of Tackle Offers for all Marketplaces include:

Simplified Seller Workflow: Complex processes and unfamiliar systems can slow a seller down when a deal is on the line. Tackle makes it easy to extend a Private Offer along with a tailored email invitation and buying instructions, then track it every step of the way. We make it easy for buyers to accept the offer too. Sellers can pre-register their customers, eliminating friction in the process, and send a custom offer invitation including buyer instructions that walk them through every step to offer acceptance.

Complete Deal Visibility: Tackle aggregates your Private Offers into a single source of truth across your business. An intuitive dashboard empowers operations and finance teams to see the status of each deal, search based on metadata, or export to CSV. 

Stakeholder Alignment: Sellers can keep both internal and partner stakeholders informed at every stage of the deal with automated, real-time notifications.  Cloud purchase orders including seller metadata and other pertinent details help your team associate offers to opportunities and book revenue immediately and being the provisioning process. 

Coming Soon: Salesforce Connector for Private Offers

An often requested and highly anticipated feature at Tackle is a standard Salesforce Connector to further streamline the Private Offer workflow. The Connector will pull opportunity data from Salesforce into the Tackle application. Eliminating unnecessary data entry, Tackle’s Salesforce Connector allows sellers to continue working in their system of record while extending existing direct sales processes to Marketplace opportunities. 

We are excited to invite current customers to join us in a Beta test of this new and exciting feature! If your team uses Salesforce and frequently extends Private Offers, we would love to hear from you. Contact your Tackle Guide at support@tackle.io with any questions or feedback.

If you would like to learn more about Tackle Offers and how this feature can put you on the fast path to closed-won, schedule a demo today.