ParkMyCloud Got to Marketplace Fast While Keeping Resources Focused on Product

Why Tackle

A Zero-Engineering, Hassle-Free Solution for Listing & Selling on AWS Marketplace

ParkMyCloud saw the potential in offering their product on the AWS Marketplace, but the effort would have been taxing on their time and resources that would be better utilized on their own product. Tackle was there to help.

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Speed to Marketplace

Tackle reduced time-to-marketplace from 3-5 months to less than a month

Full-Service Support

Tackle handled all aspects of technical integration and listing maintenance

Zero Engineering

Tackle enabled focus on the core product without siphoning away resources to list on the AWS Marketplace

Tackle Helps Cloud Optimization Experts ParkMyCloud Launch On the AWS Marketplace


Optimizing the Cloud

Everyone remembers the days when their company’s IT department grew excited over the purchase of a new server that would either sit in the closet of the office or add to the larger collection in the company’s data center. Meetings upon meetings were held to discuss just how many instances the hardware needed to hold. It was a game of Goldilocks and the Three Bears; it was important that the capabilities of the server weren’t too little or too big, but the goal was to purchase the one that was justtttt right. Whether it could be chalked up to security or optimism, companies typically ended up buying a server that was way more powerful than they would ever need, creating a larger financial and operational burden. Despite the cloud being introduced to the market, and adding the ability for much more flexibility and scalability in development options, the longstanding insecurity of companies not having enough power and space remained in users’ mindsets.

Enterprises and Startups alike follow the mentality of ‘better safe than sorry’ in a world that simply does not require as much server need. Public cloud customers are using storage and computing resources like a person keeping all of their lights and appliances on at home 24/7. This can be due to fear that if they are turned off, they will not turn back on – or frequently, simply due to ignorance or lack of motivation to reduce costs. Billions of dollars each year are being spent on idle cloud resources. However, companies of all sizes have discovered a smarter and more flexible solution: the simple purpose SaaS platform provided by ParkMyCloud.

ParkMyCloud’s offering allows enterprises to easily manage, govern, and optimize their spend across multiple public clouds by automatically identifying and eliminating wasted cloud resources. The solution has helped over 1,000 companies worldwide to cut their cloud spend by millions of dollars annually via a single, intuitive dashboard that identifies and schedules on/off times for cloud resources. Better yet, it does this across AWS, Azure, and GCP simultaneously and automatically. And the benefits to the user are incredible. Customers on average experience an ROI of 12x, and public cloud cost savings of around 65%. The only downside? Many organizations aren’t using it yet.

The whole process was a fairly light lift as opposed to if we had done it ourselves. It was efficient, and made a start-to-finish process we feared would be strenuous, simple, and guided.
Bill Supernor, CTO, ParkMyCloud

Every Crowd Needs a Megaphone

As the ParkMyCloud team collected optimized data from successful customers, they realized the need for greater exposure to consumers of the cloud was key in order to maximize their growth potential. It was clear when looking at the rest of the SaaS market that the path of least resistance was following in the footsteps of those who had migrated their solutions to the AWS Marketplace. Paired with the fact that many current and prospective large customers had growing AWS spends, the ParkMyCloud team knew an AWS Marketplace offering would be incredibly valuable. The catch? Integrating with the AWS Marketplace was very clearly one that needed a level of effort, time, and resources that the ParkMyCloud team simply did not have.

So they called up the Marketplace experts – The Tackle team leaned into the challenge by focusing on the areas that they and the ParkMyCloud team decided were most important in achieving the goal of visibility and exposure via the AWS Marketplace:

  1. The technical integration work to get their product live and transactable
  2. How to successfully market their product once their listing went live
  3. Support for the listing over the lifetime and growth of the product.

Through close collaboration, Tackle was able to stand up ParkMyCloud in the AWS Marketplace in under a month. According to their CTO, Bill Supernor, “the whole process was a fairly light lift as opposed to if we had done it ourselves. It was efficient, and made a start-to-finish process we feared would be strenuous, simple, and guided.” With the help of Tackle, the ParkMyCloud team didn’t have to divert any technical resources and was able to hyper-focus their efforts on scaling their go to market process. Through the use of, an AWS recommended partner, ParkMyCloud is now able to leverage increased visibility and partner closer with AWS in order to offer more and more customers incomparable public cloud savings. Their journey with the AWS Marketplace has only just begun!

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About ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud, a Turbonomic company, provides an easy-to-use platform that helps enterprises automatically identify and eliminate wasted cloud spend. More than 1,000 enterprises around the world – including Sysco, Workfront, Hitachi ID Systems, Sage Software, and National Geographic – trust ParkMyCloud to cut their cloud spend by millions of dollars annually. ParkMyCloud’s SaaS offering allows enterprises to easily manage, govern, and optimize their spend across multiple public clouds. For more information, visit

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