Druva Goes to AWS Marketplace in 2 Months With Zero Engineering

Why Tackle

Tackle helps Druva streamline customer adoption using the AWS Marketplace

Druva relies on Tackle to enable their listing in the AWS Marketplace. Tackle provides management and monitoring of the listing as well as enhanced reporting for all sales placed through their listing. By working with Tackle, Druva was able to quickly adopt the AWS Marketplace without reprioritizing their product roadmap or distracting their technical team.

AWS Marketplace, Customer Story


New Customers

Net new customer acquisition through the marketplace channel


Streamlined large customer purchases by simplifying legal and procurement processes

More Choices

More buying choices for customers


Tackle abstracts the complexity of the AWS Marketplace API

A Go-to-Marketplace Solution


The Challenge

“Marketplace is a great opportunity for Druva but wasn’t part of our committed product roadmap. Druva had to decide to either reprioritize product resources to focus on marketplace or think outside the box,” said Timm Hoyt, Global Vice-President, Partners & Alliances at Druva.

“We wanted our listing up quickly. We were presenting at AWS Kickoff and wanted to be able to highlight our marketplace listing with that team. This gave us two months from when we engaged Tackle to needing to be listed.”

We have seen both new logo acquisition and streamlining of large customer purchases since engaging with Tackle
Timm Hoyt, Global Vice-President, Partners & Alliances, Druva

The Tackle Solution

“The combination of a recommendation from AWS, their deep marketplace expertise and client stories gave the tackle team immediate credibility with us” continued Timm.

The Tackle Platform enables a simplified listing process via their Upstream API platform. This dramatically reduces the amount of technical integration required to get listed and stay listed.

The Tackle Downstream Integration solutions allow you to plug your listing into key business systems like Salesforce, Zuora and Slack. Tackle also provides a reporting dashboard so you can view all of your listings and correlate them with your business data from integrated systems.

“Tackle was able to beat this timeline, deliver on our expectations and we were able to showcase our listing to the entire AWS team.”


Customer Impact

AWS is a natural aggregation point for enterprises looking to consolidate their vendor relationships. Enterprise customers are able to make buying decisions faster by having a central place to find pricing and a single Enterprise Contract they can use for all their software purchases. This gives Druva the ability to reach new customers and shorten their sales cycles.

“From a customer standpoint, immediately after being listed we had a customer pursue placing a large transaction through the marketplace. We have seen both new logo acquisition and streamlining of large customer purchases,” said Timm.

“At Druva, we are focused on providing options to our clients. The partnership with Tackle and the AWS Marketplace has enabled us to offer customers incremental choice to buy our software the way they want.”

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About Druva

Druva is an All-in AWS Advanced Tier Technology partner whose SaaS solution delivers the industry’s first data management-as-a-service to 4,000 organizations, protecting 100+ PB of data. Druva’s solution is built entirely on AWS to offer customers a single pane of glass for data protection, governance, and intelligence.

But even as an AWS pioneer, Druva understood that there was more that could be done to fully take advantage of the AWS Marketplace.

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