Tackle unites cloud co-sell, buyer intent data, and Cloud Marketplace solutions together to create the industry's first end-to-end Cloud GTM Platform purpose-built for ISVs

BOISE, Idaho  —  April 17, 2023  —  Tackle.io, the leading software company dedicated to helping ISVs generate revenue through the clouds, today introduced the Cloud GTM Platform, the only end-to-end solution for selling B2B software through the Cloud Marketplaces. As a result, ISVs now have access to a single platform with cloud buyer intent data, cloud co-sell automation, and full-service Marketplace capabilities that work seamlessly together to streamline workflows and enable sellers to operate more efficiently. As the pace of go-to-market innovation from the Cloud Providers continues to accelerate, Tackle expands its capabilities to make it easy for all ISVs to power their business with Cloud GTM through AWS Marketplace, Microsoft commercial marketplace, and Google Cloud Marketplace. 

With the shift away from growth at all costs, software companies are looking for ways to reduce inefficiencies and control the bottom line. 83% of ISVs plan to invest more or significantly more into Cloud Marketplaces as a go-to-market channel this year. Tackle’s new Cloud GTM Platform allows you to start at your own pace, access all capabilities needed to launch your Cloud GTM program, and leverage automation through tools like Salesforce as you scale.  

To align with our customer’s primary goal of selling faster and more efficiently, Tackle has moved away from licensing by feature, listing, and cloud which was becoming confusing and expensive. The new Cloud GTM Platform and packaging will allow our customers to take advantage of all Tackle capabilities via a simplified business model. 

“We know that getting listed on a Cloud Marketplace is just a point on an ISV’s journey,” said John Jahnke, CEO of Tackle. “That’s why we’ve been continually iterating and evolving our Platform and business model over the last six months to help ISVs wherever they are through a combination of our Platform, people, and processes. Customers now have all the capabilities they need in a single platform to fully go-to-market with the clouds, scale their revenue through this channel, meet buyers where they are, and operate more efficiently. As we continue to innovate, we will deliver new capabilities to our customers leveraging the full platform.”

“Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform removes the need for multiple point-solutions to understand Marketplace buyer intent data, execute on co-sell motions, or transact across multiple Cloud Marketplaces.”

“Tackle’s Cloud GTM Platform removes the need for multiple point-solutions to understand Marketplace buyer intent data, execute on co-sell motions, or transact across multiple Cloud Marketplaces,” said Kevin Kriebel, VP, Business Development, Drata. “We’re able to consolidate all the tools for Alliances, Sales, Ops, and Finance in one place to operate and scale an efficient multi-cloud revenue channel successfully.”

To continue helping ISVs succeed throughout all stages of their cloud journey, Tackle has aligned our Platform and services to meet the outcomes our customers care most about:

  • Focus on the right accounts: Leverage buyer intent data in Tackle Prospect to identify the best deals to accelerate through each cloud.
  • Accelerate deals and Cloud Provider relationships via co-selling: Automate and scale the co-sell process through the clouds with Tackle Co-Sell to increase sales team adoption, guide the seller workflow, and enable scale in the co-sell process. Our solution integrates with the Cloud Provider co-sell solutions and ties directly into Salesforce streamlining two-way opportunity alignment.
  • No more per feature, listing, or cloud pricing: Over the last five years, Tackle has created 20 enabling solutions to power your Cloud Marketplace business. Instead of continuing to license these by feature and by cloud, we are including them all in the Cloud GTM Platform, enabling ISVs to use more of our capabilities sooner to automate and improve the quality of the Cloud GTM experience from day one.
  • Accessible via Tackle or Salesforce: Sales teams can now use Tackle Prospect, Tackle Co-Sell, and Tackle Offers directly in Salesforce so they never have to leave their system of record to sell through the clouds.  
  • Enable channel-led sales: At-scale sellers want to further accelerate their Cloud GTM strategies with their channel partners, adding complexity for channel offers. Tackle Offers now accommodates multiple sales motions so ISVs can execute channel-driven private offers to streamline their workflow. 
  • Expert Services to compliment your Cloud GTM Platform journey when you need them: Our Strategic Services offerings provide help for customers with Cloud GTM strategy, coaching support, managed services support for power sellers, and continuous readiness and business reviews as you evolve. The combination of our Platform and our people is how we continue to deliver the biggest impact for our customers.

Visit tackle.io to learn more about the Cloud GTM Platform and our new solutions. 

About Tackle

Tackle is the leading solution built to help software companies generate revenue through a data-driven Cloud go-to-market (Cloud GTM). Tackle works with more than 550 software companies including Auth0, CrowdStrike, HashiCorp, Lacework, New Relic, Snyk, VMware, and many more at every stage—from companies scaling their go-to-market to the largest software companies in the world. We are venture backed by three of the world’s top SaaS investors—a16z, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Coatue—to execute on our mission to positively transform the way that software is sold. 

Tackle is available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, and Microsoft commercial marketplace.

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