Tackle Company Update

Today, we made the decision to reorganize and restructure our team to set ourselves up for our long-term mission of being the Cloud GTM company and are unfortunately separating from 75 of our amazing Tacklers. This is a decision that comes after an ongoing discussion about how the market is evolving, what our customers most need today, and how we best adapt for short and long-term success. We are very well capitalized with runway that will last 5+ years and well beyond profitability, but our goal with this restructuring is to allow us to focus our investments short term while we navigate the current market and be in a position to reinvest more as the market recovers.


Current market conditions 

So if we are so well capitalized, why are we making these adjustments? During these last 18 months, the market has changed. We have exited the growth-at-all-costs era of software and have returned to capital-efficient growth. We overbuilt in 2021 and 2022, and while we started to address this earlier this year, we needed to thoughtfully reorganize the company for efficient growth. During this time, we need to balance our costs to align with current economic realities. We have right-sized for the current market and redesigned the organization to minimize burn, streamline operations, and increase accountability end-to-end. We are in the earliest days of Cloud GTM, and we are confident these changes put us in the position to support our customers, partners, and this market for the long term.


Economic outlook on Cloud GTM

In the long run, these conditions will be a tailwind for Cloud GTM as cloud budgets have proven to be resilient and are multi-year in nature. However, in the short term, there is market volatility as all companies readjust to this new market landscape. We continue to see our customers grow their revenue via Cloud GTM and are bullish on the long-term trends involving the growth of cloud budgets, B2B software budget expansion, improved GTM efficiency, and changes in buyer behavior influencing how they make purchasing decisions.


Continuing to be THE Cloud GTM company

We remain focused on transforming our business model to prioritize the success of our sellers and offer the most comprehensive Platform on the market spanning AWS, Google, and Microsoft. Our goal is to empower ISVs to effectively drive Cloud GTM at scale. We have achieved significant advancements by providing cloud buyer intent data at the fingertips of sellers inside of Salesforce, automating the co-sell process, and we continue to extend our Marketplace capabilities to enable the highest volume sellers to transact and scale with confidence and support. 


Start with the Customer

We remain committed to consistently sharing our playbook and offering concrete blueprints for unparalleled success in Cloud GTM across various ISV types and clouds, empowering sellers to sell more and sell faster. The enthusiastic response to our service offerings, from strategic workshops to managed services, has reinforced our conviction to continue to invest in these and bring more of these offerings to market. 


Transforming the GTM journey

We see the future of our GTM to be a combination of ecosystem-led, product-led, services-led, and, lastly, sales-led. Tackle customers want to start their journey with us in a variety of ways, and we are working to align our Platform and GTM system to meet our customers and prospects the way they want to be met. 


Thank you

I want to extend my deepest appreciation to all who have contributed to Tackle. Those who were impacted are an amazingly talented group of individuals, and if you are looking for Cloud GTM skills at your company, please reach out to hr@tackle.io, and the team can advise on potential candidates.

To our customers, thank you for your continued support on this journey. If you need help, please reach out to support@tackle.io.