Upstream & Downstream

We built two products to tackle the two biggest problems with the AWS Marketplace: Reporting on your sales and Integrating with your existing systems

Marketplace Dashboard

A single pane of glass for all your marketplace sales

Enhance and integrate your marketplace reports

Key Features

  • Commerce Analytics Service integration
  • Revenue and distribution tracking
  • Contract renewal reminders
  • Deal flow analysis

Marketplace Data

Control and share your marketplace data

Enable distributors and channel partners

Key Features

  • Share sales data with channel partners
  • Calculate third party sales commission
  • Import data from listings owned by distributors
  • Works in AWS GovCloud

Data Integration

Integrate with the sales systems you are already using

Push and pull your marketplace data

Key Features

  • Marketplace sales trigger downstream actions
  • Automatically create SalesForce opportunities
  • Attach internal data to marketplace contracts