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Why Tackle

Snowflake had customers with large Microsoft partnerships that wanted to close business through Azure Marketplace. After researching the publishing process, the team at Snowflake realized it would require engineering resources as well as a small cross-functional team to create the listing. They determined it made more sense to leverage’s Cloud Marketplace Platform instead of building and maintaining the integration themselves.

Key Outcomes

  • Publishing a SaaS offer on Azure Marketplace achieved a key milestone with the Microsoft partnership, unlocking additional benefits that are driving new leads in new markets for Snowflake
  • The process to onboard with Tackle was very efficient, requiring less than ½ FTE of a non-engineering resource. This was a fraction of the estimates to complete with internal resources
  • Using Tackle, Snowflake was able to publish a SaaS offer in Azure Marketplace within 30 days and begin transacting shortly thereafter
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Who is Snowflake?

Snowflake’s mission is to enable every organization to be data-driven. Snowflake’s cloud-built data platform makes that possible by delivering instant elasticity, secure data sharing and per-second pricing, across multiple clouds. Snowflake combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

What does that mean to Snowflake customers?

  • Customers can use Snowflake to migrate their data estates from on-premise to Azure
  • Snowflake on Azure is a key component of a customer’s enterprise cloud data strategy
  • Snowflake delivers a built-for the cloud architecture that enables disparate teams to work on common data for a wide range of workloads across clouds
  • Snowflake empowers users to discover, instantly and securely share, collaborate and get value from all types of centralized data

Challenge: Uncertain Outcomes and Resource Constraints

Snowflake’s customers wanted to purchase through the Azure Marketplace, mostly because it was easier for customers to add Snowflake to their Azure bill than it was to add a new vendor into their system. But the benefits were also centralized purchasing and improved buying leverage with Microsoft.

After research into the publishing process for Azure Marketplace, the team at Snowflake realized the effort would not only require engineering resources to build and maintain the various marketplace integrations but would also require a small cross-functional team to create the listing and maintain a new set of workflows.

While Snowflake has teams of qualified engineers building and maintaining the world-class Snowflake platform, the opportunity cost of pulling these engineers from product development to build Marketplace integrations was very high, particularly considering the learning curve investment that was required to gain knowledge of Marketplace integrations and workflows. An internal assessment showed the tradeoff between an internal DIY process and using external providers and concluded the preferred path forward was using an external provider.

But, the question was who to use. Snowflake leveraged its relationships with the hyper-scale cloud providers to seek options for external providers to help with the listing process. Once the review process began, a common theme pointed Snowflake in the direction of Tackle and the Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform. The final validation point was a direct referral from the Azure Marketplace experts, who referenced Tackle as a top alternative to “do it yourself".

Solution: Accelerated Time To Market; White Glove Experience from Tackle

Tackle helped Snowflake achieve its goals by reducing the time it took to get the product listed in Azure Marketplace. Without Tackle, the Snowflake team would’ve had to comprehend the requirements to list on Azure Marketplace, schedule the development resources required to do integration work, and perform the actual effort. The Tackle platform integrations saved months of engineering effort.

Snowflake also benefited from detailed guidance throughout the listing process. Questions that arose as the Snowflake team compiled the content required for the Azure Marketplace storefront were either answered immediately by the Tackle team or quickly after Tackle conferred with their contacts on the Marketplace team.

Once the listing was live, Tackle provided a white glove experience on the first private transaction to ensure Snowflake understood the private plan process for Azure Marketplace.

And finally, Tackle provided customized documentation to train Snowflake team members on the process that they could then use with customers to ensure a smooth transaction experience.

Snowflake plans to leverage some advanced features in Azure Marketplace to support different deal structures. While Snowflake may utilize the metered billing capabilities through the Azure Marketplace APIs, they are also considering leveraging Tackle’s “Easy Metering” feature which provides a simplified interface to pass values through to the Microsoft billing service. This enhancement shifts the metered billing capability from an engineering effort to a business operations effort.

Results: Strengthening partnership with Microsoft, expanding collective cloud footprint and customer reach and meeting the customer where they want to purchase products running on Azure.

The value is both a perceived value by the customer purchasing Snowflake and Snowflake as a partner of Microsoft. Snowflake is providing options to customers to make it easier to justify the initial purchase of Snowflake and to expand consumption of Snowflake and complementary Azure services.

Snowflake is closing deals of all sizes through Azure Marketplace. In several cases, the customer was willing to spend more transacting through Azure Marketplace because the budget was already approved, they could leverage payment terms already in place with Microsoft and the transaction closed faster.

The value to Snowflake of transacting through Azure Marketplace is very high, as it unlocked additional partner benefits like webinars, joint social campaigns, and other lead-generation activities.

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