Continuing to Grow- My Internship at Tackle

Isabella Dossola on Sep 4, 2019

When she joined Tackle, summer intern Isabella Dossola had no idea what to expect from a remote tech startup, however she quickly realized the value of remote work, diversification of skills and a bias for action.

Continuing to Grow

As a nineteen year old, entering any sort of internship role is intimidating. As much as you can learn about theory and what a job could entail, the real world always has the ability to make you feel clueless. Joining Tackle was more than a little overwhelming, with numerous words being used that sounded almost made up like SaaS, AMI, and this constant discussion of listings going live.

I previously had a grasp on what AWS Marketplace was and the reasons why it could benefit ISVs, but I had no idea how much Tackle could simplify the process to get on the marketplace. As a marketing intern, I realized I couldn’t create content without first understanding and believing in Tackle’s product. In the process of learning skills, technical knowledge, and getting insight into the “real world”, I learned what makes Tackle so special and why I am so grateful to have worked here.

Delivering Value

In my role, I initially began with simple responsibilities: social media and content creation. This meant that I would help write blog posts, case studies, and engaging tweets. However, soon my role began to gain fluidity, something common for a startup like Tackle. Because of the startup status, each employee has the opportunity to really impact the company at a hands on level and truly see their work come to fruition. I saw this right away, with tweets going live quickly and copy going directly to the website. For others, it meant tackling a bug day one on the job, or getting invited to customer calls right away. This is part of what working for a small company like Tackle can allow you: the feeling of importance and value. Additionally, this clear visualization of how you add value helps motivate employees to deliver success.


Another thing that quickly struck me about Tackle was the vibrant culture that I had unknowingly found. The combination of remote working and kind people combine to make a company culture full of laughter, meme-sending, and meaningful interaction.

The second I was added to the company-wide slack I was met with welcomes and excitement, which made a potentially scary entrance comfortable. When I was added to additional Slack channels, I truly got insight into the fun-loving culture I had joined. I saw pictures of CEO John Janhke’s kids climbing trees on vacation, food pictures from customer success, and song recommendations from the engineers. Through our virtual Slack channels, I still got to learn about my coworkers and develop personal connections to them, despite never seeing them in person.

Additionally, Tackle still allows for face to face interaction through adventurous offsites, which I now plan. Working remote can allow for increased productivity through time saved avoiding a commute, but sometimes problems are better solved in person. With an increasing employee count, the number of offsites has also increased. These offsites vary from team based (sales, engineering, customer success) to full company retreats, and have each been unique. Because the team lives scattered across the nation, the location possibilities are bountiful. Both work and play are achieved on these trips and coworkers get to know one another to work better in their respective environments. This year Tackle has explored the Santa Cruz mountains, floated on a houseboat, hiked the Flat Irons of Boulder, CO, and is scheduled to line dance in Nashville in November. These important bonding experiences help further the company’s friendly and driven climate.

Bias for action

Another trait I have developed from working at Tackle is the bias for action. This phrase is one I picked up from John Janhke and my interpretation is that those who work at Tackle take action whenever there is a task at hand. Job title doesn’t define your responsibility and desire to create value here. This trait coincides with startup status, because when there aren’t many employees, everyone helps where they can. Even though I signed up as a marketing intern, I have learned a number of different skills that will greatly benefit me in the future. For example, when offsites needed to be planned I became an event planner. When a project needed to be overseen, I became a project manager, and when the time came for marketing help, I learned those skills too. Joining Tackle means you are going to be diving into a variety of hands on learning, but you will be surrounded by driven individuals who have a bias for action and will help you when you need it too.

I could not be more grateful for my experience as a summer intern at Tackle. The skills I have learned here will be valuable for my future career and make me feel more confident going forward. Luckily, my journey with Tackle has yet to end. My time here has been so enriching that I will be transitioning into a part time role going forward. This is not the last blog post I will have written, and you haven’t seen my last tweet. I look forward to learning many other diverse skills and continuing to grow while here at Tackle.

Isabella is entering her sophomore year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is a business administration major. When not Tackling she loves going to the beach, scuba diving, and going on day trips around California. In the future, she plans on concentrating in marketing and working as a marketing manager for a non-profit.

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