Scaling Channel through the Clouds: How Tackle Worked with AWS Marketplace to Drive 300+ CPPO Offers in Four Months

Many ISVs are extending their reach into new territories, customer segments, and regions by establishing channel partner reseller relationships with large traditional resellers, global systems integrators, and smaller SI firms. ISVs are also incorporating their products into professional services offerings and bundled cloud solutions provided by managed services firms. AWS Marketplace recognized channel partners as a critical component in the software supply chain, and pioneered Channel Partner Private Offers in 2018 to help ISVs incorporate channel partners into their AWS Marketplace strategy. 

Tackle’s 2022 State of Cloud Marketplaces Report echoed this industry need, revealing that 85% of enterprise respondents believe that the channel is complementary, not competitive, to Cloud Marketplace sales. As a result, they’re eager to enjoy the benefits of both worlds, considering that respondents forecasted 83% of 2023 Marketplace deals would involve channel partners. At Tackle, more than half (56%) of our 550+ ISVs sell through channel partners, presenting ample opportunities for growth in channel partner-led transactions. 

Cloud Providers have responded to the market’s needs by developing Marketplace features that support the success of ISVs and their channel partners. At Tackle, we ensure that our customers can fully leverage the latest and greatest offerings from AWS Marketplace, just as we have with their other private offer types. This provides more choice to ISVs and enables ISVs to focus on the customer and achieve their Cloud GTM goals.


Customer & Partner Obsession: AWS + Tackle Innovation: 

In true customer-obsessed fashion, Tackle and AWS Marketplace joined forces to bring the benefits of CPPO to Tackle Offers. Key enhancements requested by mutual customers included real-time updates on CPPO offers, a tangible record containing essential details for finance teams to book revenue, and the reduction of manual work involved in creating, tracking, and managing CPPOs from the Tackle Platform. 


Tackle Offers for CPPO:

We’re thrilled to collaborate with AWS and introduce the ability to create and track CPPOs end-to-end using Tackle Offers. This powerful feature streamlines the process of extending private offers while ensuring stakeholders stay in the loop. Instant purchase order notifications and customizable details allow for accurate and efficient revenue recognition—a critical aspect of booking a deal. 

A select group of Tackle customers took part in an exclusive pre-launch preview of this feature, successfully creating over 300 CPPOs before its general release. Tackle customers found the reseller authorization and offer creation process to be simple and efficient, taking less than 15 minutes to complete.

“With the automation of CPPO in the Tackle Platform, we have seen a major increase in partner-facilitated offers on AWS,” said Christian Noel, Cloud GTM Business Partner – Alliance Operations, CrowdStrike. “Since Tackle included us in the pilot program, we have experienced a significant reduction in our manual efforts to create, support, and track CPPO offers. Now we have a clear line of visibility for finance to track booked revenue. It’s a massive change that has been highly beneficial.”

Tackle ensures a seamless experience for ISVs looking to generate revenue through AWS Marketplace. ISVs with a channel-driven sales strategy that leverages Tackle Offers will have access to these benefits:

  • Greater Visibility: Track your channel partner private offer’s entire lifecycle, from creation to acceptance 
  • Timely Revenue Recognition: Enable finance teams and key stakeholders to recognize and book revenue effortlessly, courtesy of Tackle’s bookable artifacts. 
  • Streamlined Workflow: Experience a simplified offer creation process with improved visibility in both AWS and Tackle.

“The progress of CPPO since its launch in 2018 has been remarkable, as it brings resellers and ISVs together, resulting in a better experience for buyers, sellers, and partners,” said Brian Denker, COO and Co-Founder of Tackle. “This collaborative release from Tackle and AWS Marketplace is a game-changer in helping ISVs scale their cloud channel programs and provides our joint customers more choice in who they transact with on AWS Marketplace.”

At Tackle, we are committed to enabling ISVs to scale their Cloud GTM strategies alongside their valued channel partners. Our unwavering focus on supporting new feature developments across all Cloud Marketplaces empowers our customers to focus on selling while we continually innovate on their behalf. With our support, ISVs can stay ahead of the competition and confidently achieve their Cloud GTM objectives.

To learn more about Tackle Offers and CPPO, reach out to sales@tackle.io