Accelerate Sales Growth with New Cloud Go-To-Market Solutions

The addition of Tackle Prospect, Tackle Co-Sell, and a Salesforce application will help ISVs drive revenue with a multi-cloud experience for Marketplaces and co-sell powered by actionable buyer insights

Modern go-to-market teams are investing in channels where their sellers can win more, win faster, and win efficiently, and that means being able to sell where their buyers have available budgets. As a result, B2B software organizations are enthusiastically adopting new digital routes to market through the clouds. At Tackle, we firmly believe that B2B revenue generation through cloud partnerships and Marketplaces are center stage of the digital selling era. It’s how we do business and we’ve made it our mission to bring our ISV customers along for the ride. We call this Cloud go-to-market (GTM).

Cloud GTM helps sellers meet customers where they want to buy while nurturing strategic partnerships that can lead to more, higher-value opportunities. Our recent State of Cloud Marketplaces Report reinforces this, citing that cloud budgets continue to increase despite economic conditions, Marketplaces are seen as a catalyst to unlock co-sell opportunities, and the clouds represent a faster, more efficient way to reach new buyers. With this in mind, Tackle is supporting this digital selling evolution through our platform and our people.


The Evolution of Tackle

Tackle has helped more than 500 ISVs begin their Cloud GTM journey by listing and selling their products on the prevailing Cloud Marketplaces: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and Red Hat. As adoption for this channel grows, we are continuing to innovate on the Tackle Platform to help software companies build and scale their Cloud GTM motion and drive revenue through the clouds.

Today, we are delighted to announce a suite of new solutions and services that will get that flywheel spinning and put sellers on a fast path to success. Read on to learn more.


Tackle Prospect

Leverage data to identify the right buyers

Knowing who to sell to and sell with is a critical first step in any new go-to-market motion. A data-driven sales approach is the basis for a fresh spin on the flywheel concept for building Cloud GTM momentum.

After processing billions of dollars in Marketplace transactions, Tackle has a unique and unmatched view into software buying patterns. Leveraging data from multiple sources, Tackle Prospect helps alliances and sales teams:

  • Identify the best fit deals for Marketplace from their pipeline
  • Focus sales efforts on prospects that have the highest probability of closing
  • Align with marketing so they can run highly targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns

Having data-backed insights helps sellers confidently adopt and accelerate digital selling with Cloud Partners and gain an understanding of where and how their customers want to buy.


Tackle Co-Sell

Accelerate cloud sales with streamlined workflows

Once you’ve assessed your pipeline and identified the right deals, Tackle Co-Sell streamlines and simplifies the co-sell process so you can register the right deals at the right time, and connect to the right people to build stronger Cloud Provider relationships. We improve the co-sell process and experience with an end-to-end solution that integrates Salesforce, co-sell portals, and Marketplace private offers.

  • Sellers can register opportunities and extend contracts via Tackle Offers without leaving their system of record. 
  • Flexible configuration options enable sales ops or alliances teams to add a step to review and validate the opportunity before sending it to the Cloud Partner. 
  • All stakeholders will have visibility into status updates as deals move along, change status, or close out.

With 84% of sellers in our State of Cloud Marketplace Report saying that driving co-sell with the Cloud Providers is important or very important to their business priorities in the next 12 months, we know that a strong co-sell strategy is becoming table stakes for Cloud GTM success. To strengthen our co-sell capabilities, Tackle has acquired CORE Consulting, an established software and services firm that helps high-volume ISV sellers learn the ins and outs of co-selling with the Cloud Providers. CORE’s people and technology have helped ISVs build and scale best-in-class co-sell practices with Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud. We’re thrilled to extend these offerings to Tackle customers.


Tackle’s Salesforce Application

Simplify the process to book Marketplace offers and register deals with Cloud Partners

As ISVs adopt new routes to market, sales productivity doesn’t have to suffer. Sellers live in Salesforce and we are committed to keeping them in their system of record from opportunity creation to closed won. This limits manual data entry and removes the need to enable sellers on multiple third-party portals.

Once you have registered the deals through Tackle Co-Sell and are ready to execute them on Marketplace, you can now leverage our app, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, that integrates the Tackle Platform with Salesforce to:

  • Automate the management of private offers and registration of co-sell opportunities
  • Customize the Marketplace workflow to align with existing processes

Tackle Offers is now accessible in the Tackle application or Salesforce for an even more streamlined experience. Check out the demo video to see what the new Salesforce app can do.


At Tackle, we strive to be both a technology partner and go-to-market resource for our customers as you navigate a Cloud GTM. From the launch of your first listing to the growth of your co-sell operations, Tackle experts will be there every step of the way.

To learn more about Tackle’s evolution and all the exciting new products, reach out to sales@tackle.io. Or join us at the PLX summit, a virtual event where our leadership team will share lots of Cloud GTM knowledge over the course of the week. To see demonstrations of the new products, register for Office Hours on November 17, at 1:00 EST.