Auth0 Grows Marketplace Revenue by 10x in Year One

Auth0 Looked to Tackle to Get Listed Fast and Achieve Scalable Growth

Executive Summary

Auth0 approached Tackle because their team had a potential Marketplace sale that hung in the balance of being listed on AWS Marketplace. With no internal resources for getting the Marketplace listing up and running quickly, Auth0 turned to Tackle. After quickly getting listed and completing that first transaction, Auth0 knew they had found a valuable partner. “Being aligned with AWS has been a game-changer that was truly made possible by Tackle,” said Eric Snyder, Sr. Director of Channels at Auth0. Over the years, Tackle and Auth0 have created a partnership grounded in collaboration.

Key Highlights

Speed to Marketplace

Reduced time-to-Marketplace from 3-5 months to less than two weeks

Faster, Larger Deals

Marketplace deal close an average of 20% faster and are 34% larger than direct

Expert Guide Service

Provided best practices and recommendations to maximize Marketplace potential

Marketplace Connection

Allowed Auth0 to take advantage of the AWS support team to increase their Marketplace success

Auth0’s Challenge: Getting Listed and Scaling with Marketplace

When Auth0 sourced a large Marketplace deal via an AWS relationship before they could transact on the channel, they knew they needed help. They estimated that closing the access gap of being listed, integrated, and priced on Marketplace would take anywhere from 3-5 months. Even if they had the internal resources to make that a reality, the delay would have had a negative impact on the potential sale.

The Auth0 team, along with the help of an AWS Partner Manager, turned to Tackle. Auth0 shared their key identifiers, and then left the work of fast-pacing integration and launching its product on the Marketplace all to Tackle. With Tackle’s help, Auth0 was ready to transact on AWS Marketplace in one week. 

With the new Auth0 AWS Marketplace listing live and the catalyst deal complete, the company went to work growing their new sales channel. After the initial hurdle of getting listed, Auth0 had to figure out how to make their product and pricing tiers work on Marketplace long-term. 

While Marketplaces can flex around your billing options and offer structures, Auth0 realized that there wasn’t a direct translation of their tiered pricing system. That meant thoughtful go-to-market planning was needed to serve customers without overly complicating the sales operations process. 

Auth0 also had to navigate the constantly shifting tides of AWS Marketplace. As new features were released or updates made, new opportunities for pricing and packaging arose. However, systems that are always in motion can throw a wrench in the sales process and leave companies wondering which tool to use for each sale. 

Solution: Fostering Relationships with Marketplace Teams with Support from Tackle

Despite the challenges that come with learning a new sales channel, Auth0’s meteoric rise in sales through its history has translated to Marketplace. After only a few years transacting on AWS Marketplace, Auth0 had its largest single Marketplace sale in 2020 and has sold millions through Marketplace. 

To get there, they collaborated and evolved with Tackle. Auth0 and Tackle worked together to understand the best positioning for Auth0 within the Marketplace, and their listing page has gone through several iterations. 

As the AWS Marketplace expanded its product feature sets, Tackle helped paved the way for Auth0 to match their product pricing and packaging on Marketplace to their direct sales methods as closely as possible. 

“The majority of Auth0 customers are AWS customers, and it is important to us to meet them where they are. The combination of sales and marketing to promote our AWS Marketplace listing has given us an AWS Marketplace-attached pipeline that has grown tremendously in 2020.” said Eric. 

When companies unite with Tackle, they get ongoing support and a partner that’s always proactively sharing updates and best practices. By keeping Auth0’s goals and challenges top of mind, Tackle advises on impactful updates and consults on how to capitalize on them. 

Auth0 also knows that they can bring any new challenge to Tackle for insight. Unsure how to process a Private Offer? Call Tackle. Need advice on optimizing sales operations? Tackle has your back. According to Snyder, “the Tackle team is a key contributor to Auth0’s seller success in AWS Marketplace.” 

Auth0 has also learned a lot about Marketplace and how to leverage AWS relationships. Their existing AWS relationship spurred the first potential deal, and since then, the partnership has grown. Auth0 knows that the more you put into Marketplace, the more the platform gives back. 

Auth0 is a top tier seller on AWS Marketplace, which means they work closely with AWS reps to source, nurture, and close leads. Auth0 has also enjoyed co-marketing efforts such as joint webinars with AWS Marketplace. 

“Ninety percent of our transactions are Private Offers. The flexibility to deliver an AWS Marketplace private offer enables a custom configuration for each customer. Our buyers know they can do business in a way they are accustomed to.”

Being aligned with AWS—their teams, customers, and community —in a way that allows us to fulfill customer demand, has been a game-changer for us. A game-changer that truly was made possible by Tackle.

Sr. Director of Channels, Auth0

Results: Becoming a Top-Tier Seller on AWS Marketplace

Auth0 was no stranger to growth before getting listed on the AWS Marketplace, but the additional channel has proved to be a powerful sales lever. From the initial transaction through listing iterations and increased AWS collaboration, Tackle has collaborated and consulted Auth0 to even higher levels of success.
  • Got listed on AWS Marketplace in one week, instead of the expected 3-5 months without Tackle’s help
  • 10x’d their Marketplace revenue in 2020 compared to 2019 and has grown their AWS Marketplace-attached pipeline 6x in 2020
  • Deals done through AWS Marketplace close an average of 20% faster and are 34% larger than deals transacted directly

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